“The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless. – Michelle Obama” 

Studying MBBS in India is too competitive as the entrance exams are very difficult to crack, and the academic curriculum is too theoretical and average.

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

The cut-off keeps increasing every year. Competitive enough that it resulted in 125 suicides by undergrad students last year which is catastrophic and alarming and tells us about a very different face of the Indian education system.

Apart from that, the students and parents also have to worry about expensive tuition fees and unreasonable donation or capitation fees.

So, Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. and the team have curated a few reasons why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad.

Why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad?

Global exposure: 

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

The number one reason why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad is none other than the global exposure it provides students and the doors that it opens when it comes to career growth, opportunities and whatnot.

Studying abroad itself comes with lots of benefits that you can’t count on your fingers and if you’re a medical student, you’ll come across several types of diseases, illnesses, and patients.

Apart from that, the students also get to experience different cultures, traditions, and ethnicities around the world which helps them to be empathetic and develop character and personality.

Low Cost: 

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

The next big reason why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad is the lower costs of education when compared to the private universities of India.

Depending upon the choice of your study abroad destination, the university you enroll in, the study program you choose, availability of scholarships and other financial aid, living costs, and food services, the overall cost of education abroad may differ.

But there are several universities and top study abroad destinations that provide medical education at an economical cost.

Advanced Technology:

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

The third important aspect as to why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad has to be the advanced technology and fascinating labs, infrastructures, etc. that these abroad universities provide.

International medical schools have faculty of well-known doctors and medical practitioners from around the globe, and advanced laboratories with modern types of equipment to facilitate students with practical training.

Foreign medical universities focus on producing highly-skilled and specialised doctors that are efficient and competitive globally.

No Donation Fees: 

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

This is one of the most significant concerns of medical students and their parents. And also one of the most important reasons why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad. 

Because universities in foreign countries like Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, etc do not require any sort of donation or capitation fees.

One could get admission into universities like samarkand state medical university in Uzbekistan, batumi shota rustaveli state university in Georgia and bashkir state medical university in Russia along others, all at no donation or extra charges other than the college fee and the hostel fee.

Direct Admissions:

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

Studying abroad provides you the opportunity to work with globally recognized and accredited colleges from renowned authorities like WHO, NMC, UNESCO, FAIMER, etc and the best part is you don’t have to waste your time preparing for various entrance exams apart from NEET-UG.

Direct admissions is one of the most talked about features that attracts thousands of Indian students to choose to study MBBS in abroad universities.

The Dream Medicine Educon team guides students in this aspect to help them get admission abroad in a feasible and convenient manner.

Job Opportunities:

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

Another reason why Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad is the global job opportunities that are provided.

Whether it is practising medicine in the said country or back in India, or choosing to become a medicine teacher/professor.

You can opt for PG programs after completing your MBBS or contribute to research work by working in laboratories. The salary package of an entry-level doctor in Germany ranges from €3,290 to €16,000 per year which is much more than in India.

Apart from that, studying MBBS abroad provides students with travel opportunities, enhancing their language and communication skills, and experiencing advanced medical technologies for practice and research.

However, medicine is a time-consuming career option so you should consider all your options and their pros and cons before choosing a suitable university for yourself.

Availability of seats: 

Why do Indian students choose to study MBBS in abroad

Around 8 lakh students in India have qualified for the NEET from 2018 to 21. But, there are just 75-80,000 medical seats for these many medical aspirants including public and private colleges.

Unreasonable tuition fees:

The tuition fees in Indian medical colleges are quite high compared to foreign medical universities.

Especially if you’re studying in private colleges, you’ll have to incur a lot of expenses.

Here is a table of comparison between some top colleges in India and abroad.

Name of the University in India Tuition Fees ( Year)  Hostel fees ( Year)
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry. ₹ 20,00,000 ₹ 14,500
Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College & Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, Maharashtra. ₹ 28,60,700 ₹ 23,392
M.M. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. ₹ 15,00,000 ₹ 14,170
MGM Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. ₹ 2,00,000 ₹ 10,000
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Sikkim ₹ 13,10,000 ₹ 10,300

Countries like Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Philippines, Nepal, etc are some of the countries that have much lower costs of medical education than India and they offer lesser duration of the course with modern amenities, technology, infrastructure, etc.


This concludes why Indian medical aspirants choose to study abroad. Indian students prefer to do MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey, etc.

Our Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. team helps students get hassle-free education, and provides resources to help them settle in foreign countries like guiding them in the admission process, visa application, travel logistics, etc.