Intellectual property is the backbone of all organizations, and its protection can help it become the shield and sword for any business.


Intellectual protection works to safeguard one’s original creations – for example, any inventions, brand names, designs, software codes, and so much more through legal methods such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights.


The Relationship Between Business Growth And Intellectual Protection


Defending and filing for IP lawsuits can be pretty cost-intensive, which is why so many businesses focus on steering clear from it by protecting their IP timely and adequately. For example, it was found that in the United States, a patent lawsuit can cost up to $1 million on average – therefore meaning that if one can avoid such high costs by using the right IP protection, one will be able to ensure the growth for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. Let us look further into how IP protection is vital for business growth.


Focusing on Core Areas of Business


According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), it was found that IP should work for businesses rather than the other way around. When intellectual properties are protected effectively, they can then work to help organizations save up on time and money when it comes to filing IP infringement claims. As a result, it leaves them with enough scope to focus on their relevant core areas of business growth.


Occupying the Market Share


Not protecting IP assets in businesses under the relevant jurisdiction can lead to the duplication of such innovations and unfair litigation against the original IP creator. Because of such actions, other rival companies are able to take advantage of the situation and capture large portions of the market share, ultimately leading to negative impacts on the business growth of the organization concerned.


Identification of Assets


Several processes are involved when companies are working towards getting IP protection. Once the methods are complete, the innovative intellectual property is granted legal protection against any sort of duplication. These processes can help companies build a more effective intellectual property portfolio, which further helps the team identify lucrative ways to further the organization’s business objective. Plus, when intellectual property assets are better identified, they can be monetized in various profitable ways to induce business growth.


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