The procedure is increasingly becoming more popular mainly because it can be applied to any body part. At the same time, the procedure is safe on all types of skin. The skin is considered the largest human organ and comes in different types and complexions based on the environment and genetic composition. Such factors pose a challenge when you are using skincare procedures, as some are perceived and proven to be unsafe. However, unlike other skincare procedures and products, SkinPen microneedling is effective with all skin types.  

Types Of Skin Types 

Individuals have a wide range of skin colors ranging from fair to dark, and the colors significantly impact how it is affected by the sun and how it reacts to skincare treatment techniques. Knowing your skin type before settling on any skin-specific cosmetic technique is important. 

The reason for this is that different types of skin have different vulnerabilities to the procedure. The knowledge will help you avoid risks that are procedurally related and the after-effects experienced after treatment. There are six types of skin categories based on the scale of complexion. 

Type I 

This is the whitest skin for the complexion, and it is always freckled on most occasions. When you have this type of skin, you are vulnerable to the sun and likely to experience sunburn when exposed to sunlight intensity. 

Type II 

This is another white skin that experiences sunburn when exposed to the sun.

Type III

Type III skin is also categorized as white but might have an olive tone. But if your skin falls under this category, you will still experience sunburns. 

Type IV

When you have brown skin, you fall under this category and are less likely to experience sunburns if exposed to sunlight. 

Type V

This is dark brown skin and rarely experiences sun burns upon exposure to the sun. 

Type VI 

This is black in complexion and does not experience sunburns, no matter the intensity of sun exposure. 

Why Choose Microneedling 

SkinPen microneedling does not have any after-procedure issues like inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Because of that, if you are an individual whose skin falls under skin type IV-VI, you have a high risk of suffering from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation compared to individuals with skin type I-III. Therefore, if you are such an individual, you should go for microneedling, as it works with any skin type. 

Microneedling works with every skin type because it is a light-based procedure. The procedure only involves using SkinPen and does not involve harsh compounds or processes that might negatively affect the skin. The negative post-treatment reactions, especially when using a procedure or technique that involves the use of chemicals. Such can instigate significant skin inflammation depending on the skin type. At the same time, the procedure does not cause any significant damage to the epidermis, thus making it effective for all types of skin. 

There are various procedures and techniques used in skincare protection or treatment. The ones that involve the use of chemicals may have a negative outcome on the skin, depending on your skin type. But the use of SkinPen microneedling has been proven to be effective for all skin types. The mentioned reasons make microneedling safe and effective for every skin type. Moreover, when the procedure is performed by a professional, you will not experience issues like burns, scarring, and pigmentation.