With evolving educational standards, parental involvement in education has been widely accepted and appreciated as one of the main components to improve children’s academic performance and an important part of good parenting. Good schools encourage parents support to make a positive impact on their children and the education system. 

Parent involvement in schools refers to the collaboration between the parents and the school to improve children’s education experience and academic performance. Family is one the most significant factors in the overall development of children due to their authority and influence on each other. Before finalizing school for your child, make sure to consider Pacific World School which facilitates parental involvement through various means to ensure motivation and inspiration throughout their learning journey.  

Let ‘s go through some points why the active parental involvement in school is significant in a student’s performance: 

  • Better academic achievements: Parents have a direct influence on children. The more intensely they are engaged with their child and school authorities, the higher the impact on the academic records of their children. Their involvement majorly results in regularity and punctuality in school and homework which plays an important role in the growth of their child’s academic graph. 
  • Better classroom behavior: With parents expressing their interest in their child’s education venture, they create a positive impact on student’s attitudes towards the classroom and school. They tend to feel responsible for their actions and this results in improved classroom conduct, better concentration levels hence better learning, improved motivation levels, self-esteem, and reduced absenteeism. 
  • Better quality of education: With efficient parental involvement, parents acquire access to and understanding of the systems, policies, and procedures. This has a direct positive impact on the quality of education as there is an exchange of ideas and feedback to upgrade the existing methods and teaching techniques. 
  • High teacher morale: With teachers and parents working in collaboration, students reap the benefits along with the positive contribution focusing learner’s talents, interests, and innate abilities. This results in increased teacher morale and interactive teaching-learning sessions. 
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities: Parents involved with kids understand their interests and abilities. With the integrated efforts of instructors and family, the unique talent of every kid can be easily identified and sharpened. Children are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like sports, dance, chess, reading, dance, etc. to help them develop their personalities. 

The best school in Greater Noida West actively engages parents in its curriculum and works jointly for the betterment of students. They have initiated various measures like regular parent-teacher conferences and associations, personal feedback sessions, fun projects, educational activities for students, etc. to make parents aware of their child’s educational venture.