The famed Naked 100 USA has released a brand-new throwaway product called the Naked 100 Maxx. The very aromatic, moderately sweet flavors made famous by Naked 100 provide long-lasting vaping delight. This time, they’ve released their most recent invention to keep up with the growing trend of individuals switching to vaping with disposable pod systems.


These cute tiny gadgets are genuine innovations in and of themselves. Ten years ago, nobody seeking to get into vaping would have envisioned being given such an easy-to-use device. Tear it open, then immediately vape it.

No fiddling with coil changes, e-liquid tank refills, or getting the hang of the gadget. Because it is so simple to use, there isn’t even a fire button on any of the throwaway devices.

You only need to inhale to become a vaper. The fact that disposable gadgets never leak is another benefit. They use a large piece of sponge underneath their bodies to suspend the liquid (pure genius). A novice vaper who uses a disposable device will never have to deal with a slippery device in their pants pocket from e-liquid leakage (thankfully).

The customer-focused company Naked 100 is renowned for its superior research and e-juice artistry, which has supported the brand’s rise to popularity in the market for vaping products and e-juices. In keeping with its history of excellence in performance, fulfillment, and e-juice quality, the firm has unveiled its newest product, the disposable NKD 100 Max.

The NKD 100 Max offers some of the greatest e-juice you’ve ever tasted, much like the other vapes in the NKD line. The NKD 100 Max is an excellent tool with an ideal design. The covert and small NKD 100 Max disposable is designed to go into your pocket, but it can also be tucked into your hand or breast pocket.

The Naked 100 Max’s 1.2-ohm coil, 5% salt content, and nicotine make it incompatible with sub-ohm tank systems. The juice is designed to operate with low-wattage pod devices. This shows that you like every pull and that the cloud it produces is at its best.

The NKD 100 Max disposable has a 10mL e-juice capacity and a 500mAh precharged battery for roughly 4500 puffs, among other features. This implies that a set of vaporizers, of which this disposable vape is a member, are long-lasting, continuous vaporizers.

Every vaper’s needs are satisfied by the Naked 100 Max 4500 puff vape, which produces dense clouds, enhanced kicks with each pull, and smooth, enduring, delectable clouds.

The Specifications:

Puffs: 4500

Juice Capacity: 10ml

Battery: 500mAh

Nicotine Concentration: 5%

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

Coil – 1.2 ohm Coil

Firing Mechanism: Draw Activated

Flavor Profile: 8


The Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod has an eye-catching design and feels thanks to its vibrant colors and glossy finish.

There are no harsh edges to irritate your lips, and the airflow at the device’s top feels comfortable. I enjoy the design; it has a fresh, modern vibe. Additionally, the general construction feels solid.

I dropped the device a couple of times, and while it did get some scratches, I wasn’t too concerned because it is designed to be thrown away. Furthermore, I have yet to experience any leaks.


The Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod has a very loose airflow. While it may not be accurate to refer to it as DTL, given the size of the vapor clouds, it does seem airy and straightforward to inhale.

I discovered a clever hack that allows me to have a more constrained MTL experience by softly covering the air hole at the bottom of the gadget with my pinky finger.


A tiny light at the bottom of the charging device flashes when I plug it in, letting me know that my connectivity is successful. When the indicator stops blinking, the battery in the gadget has finished charging.

Now that we have the technical details out of the way, let’s look at some of the available flavors:

Iced Watermelon

Fresh, genuine watermelon flavor with a menthol exhale—just wonderful.

Iced Peach Mango

This peach and mango flavor is tropical and cooling on the tongue without being overly sweet. The fruity scent comes through.

Ice Brain Freeze

This e-juice is a wonder and one of the most well-known e-liquid flavors to come out of Naked 100’s stable. Strawberries, kiwis, pomegranates, and menthol, which are common ingredients in this drink, can give your brain a chill and temporarily release it from the stresses of the outside world.

Ice Blueberry Lemon

The ice blueberry lemon will excite aficionados of ice with its sweet explosion and shivering feeling. A satisfying end to the vaping experience.

Ice Cherry Lemon

The ideal ratio of ice and two fruits for a deliciously sweet and fruity flavor. This e-juice is a traditional mashup of delicious cherry and brisk lemon. The outcome is astoundingly fantastic.


Everyone can choose their favorite taste, as you can see, and most importantly, they are all of the highest quality. Therefore, even if you are a picky vaper, we are confident that none of these smells will let you down.

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