Going off to college is often a life-changing experience. With plenty of places to choose from, consider NC state. It’s one of the most popular states for college students, and for several good reasons. If you’re interested in getting your education in the state of North Carolina, here’s a long list to tell you why.

It’s a Top College Town 

Are you thinking about choosing a college in North Carolina? You’re not alone. North Carolina is recognized for having one of the country’s top college towns. That makes the state an appealing option for students going to college.


Many choose the state for its student-friendly attractions. There are food trucks and breweries. There are also college sports teams that spark school spirit in the community. There are plenty of activities ideal for students. That makes it the perfect town for students, many of which may be living on their own for the first time. However, if you’re a basketball fan, this may not be the best place for you as it ranks among the worse places for fans of college basketball. Still, that seems to be a small price to pay when you consider all the other perks that living and going to school in North Carolina offers.


The state is one of the safest in the world. Parents who want their children to experience a full college education won’t have to worry about their kids being at risk. The low crime rate means students can concentrate on their classes and feel secure going about town and their business.

Low Cost 

One of the most important reasons for students is the affordable cost of living in the area. In many cities, the cost of living is nearly impossible for the average college student to cover alone. The affordable costs allow students to stretch their budgets while they’re in college. Kids under a strict allowance will find it easy to survive in this college town. It won’t be as easy if they had to live in a state or city with high costs of living.

Low Unemployment 

The state offers plenty of job and education opportunities. That’s one of the many reasons students choose North Carolina. Students who want to work part-time while pursuing their studies will find plenty of jobs to keep them afloat and give them side incomes. The low unemployment rate in the area means there are more than enough jobs to go around.

Quality of Schooling 

The state is recognized for having excellent schools. The quality of the education they provide is another factor for many students. That combination—quality education along with affordable living costs—have put the state on the radar. Students who want both now have more options to choose from when they pick North Carolina for their college education. The state also has cities recognized for being the most educated in the country. That’s another advantage to potential students who wish to pursue a degree in a school known for their excellent academic standing.

Leaving for college can drastically alter your life. There are many options, so think about NC State. There are several strong reasons why it’s one of the most popular states for college students. Here is a lengthy list to explain why you should consider pursuing your education in North Carolina.