Yahoo has gained a soft corner in the heart and minds of internet users, with millions of people accessing this web portal and search engine to gain information and use it for personal or official work. Email services are one of the best parts that have put this portal on top of the various services rendered by Yahoo. Many people generally access mail accounts to sign up for a new account to send and receive personal or official emails daily.

As various technical problems suddenly engulf the mail servers, yahoo mail cannot get left behind. Certain issues occur all of a sudden in the email account. Still, out of those, password recovery issues are creating problems for users as they face difficulties accessing the yahoo email account to perform essential activities. Despite several attempts, users cannot change Yahoo secure code on desktops or laptops as persistent script errors during the email account security code change troubles them a lot. Things become more critical when email users, who generally access their personal or official emails on their Smartphones, cannot yahoo mail not updating.

Why are Users Unable to Modify their Yahoo Password? Reasons Specified

Trying to log in with the wrong login credentials
The email Account password is not working
Account suspended all of the sudden
Email account hacked from an unknown location
Unable to receive password reset link on the secondary email address
Sudden blocking of email account
Script error creating problems in changing the email account password
Mail server temporarily down

How to Change Yahoo Password? Steps Enumerated

Open the web browser and type the mail account web page link
Enter your login id and password
Once successfully logged in, Go to an account information page and click on change password.
Provide the existing password and enter a new one twice, and then, in the end, click continue on the purple button.
Click continue to finish.
The message is displayed “Your password has been changed successfully.”

How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Open Safari Browser on Mac, iPhone or iPad
Type the email web page link on the browser.
When you get logged in successfully, you can update your email account on the web browser.
Click on update password, provide the new password, and click the button to apply changes.
The secure mail code change is done successfully.
Still, in case you face problems during email secure code change on the desktop or Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac. Then there is nothing to worry about as you can call Yahoo’s technical support number to quickly resolve yahoo mail app won’t open.