This is not a step-by-step guide to installing a parquet floor. In my view, that is the job of a craftsman. A 10-step guide to installing a hardwood floor would lead you to believe that a beginner could parkett kaufen install a hardwood floor. This could prove costly as the floor would almost certainly have to be relaid.

Even if you hire the services of a professional, insist on seeing some previous work they’ve done, or at least a personal recommendation. Parquet is expensive and well laid it is beautiful, but badly laid it is unsightly and needs to be replaced.

However, here is some useful information about installing parquet floors:

When laying parquet, you should start in the middle of the room and work outwards towards the walls. As with all other wooden floors, an expansion gap must be left at the edges.

Rooms that are not square or have many corners leading into other rooms require even more skill and attention. As you can imagine, there is an art to wearing a pattern around a corner and not losing the line.

Parquet is glued to its substrate with a very strong adhesive that is applied with a notched trowel. Bitumen used to be used, which was extremely dirty.

It is important that the ground is level. Starting on an uneven surface will result in an unsatisfactory end result. Particleboard is an ideal surface, but where concrete is present, the concrete must be prepared to ensure an even and dry starting surface.

Parquet solid wood blocks are always unfinished, as after laying the blocks all sit at slightly different heights, which must be brought to a sanded level. The desired wax or lacquer finish is then applied. A well-fitted and perfectly sanded oak parquet floor, which was then finished with a hard wax oil , is really a beautiful sight.

Blocks are laid in opposite directions, which means that the wood grain also runs in opposite directions. When sanding a floor, try your best to sand with the grain parkett dielen so you don’t get unsightly cross-grain sanding marks. This is not possible with parquet, so extreme care is required to achieve a satisfactory result, another reason why a quality professional should be hired.