We all know that anxiety is good as it helps to identify and respond quickly to emergencies. But having too many anxiety attacks leads to serious mental health disorders like depression and insomnia.

That’s why it’s crucial to overcome your anxiety attacks. On account of this, we consulted Ekattvayogshala – a leading yoga school in Rishikesh – to share the top benefits of breathwork as it helps to overcome anxiety. Read on!

Improves oxygen capacity

Practicing breathwork improves the oxygen capacity in the bloodstream. Performing a 30-minute breathwork session will help our body to improve concentration power and boost immunity. 

Overcome lower pressure

According to yoga experts, individuals suffering from low blood pressure can greatly benefit from breathwork sessions if performed daily. Sama Vritti, also known as equal breathing is considered a best practice to stabilize your blood pressure.

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Enhance sleep quality

Stress and the workload of our daily routine negatively affect our sleep schedule. Breathwork helps to impose peace on the nervous system and calms stress, enhancing sleep quality.

Improve digestion

Apart from helping you deal with anxiety, breathwork improves the digestive process. It stimulates and increases blood flow throughout the digestive tract and enhances intestinal activity. 


Above are the benefits of breathwork that anyone can avail of by doing simple breathing exercises daily. Still, got queries to ask? Leave them in the comments and get a quick reply from experts 

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