The financial services industry continuously evolving at a very fast pace, and thus mutual fund distribution becomes a very important matter. Investors want to be closer to their funds to generate larger revenues while decreasing costs. Therefore, digitized solutions like mutual fund software have become a key to the distribution value chain.

Current State of Indian Mutual Fund Industry and Opportunities for MFDs:

Indian mutual fund industry is managing an AUM (Assets under Management) of around ₹39.89 trillion as on December 31, 2022. It increased by more than 100% (approx) during the past 5 years from ₹ 21.27 trillion on December 31, 2017.

As per AMFI, the total number of accounts is close to 14.11 crore (141.1 million) as on December 31, 2022, but only 60,000 individual mutual fund distributors are available in India. That means there is a lesser number of mutual fund distributors in India and there is a huge number of untouched investors available in India. All these data, facts, and figures are indicating a huge opportunity for MFDs in India, and there is a large market to capture. MFDs just need to integrate their expert knowledge with technology and automate their business.

REDVision: One-Stop ERP Platforms for MFDs in India

REDVision offers the best Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Mobile Apps and Financial Websites with more features. REDVision offers the required technology to the MFDs with a system that can effectively drive that technology. It will not only automate your business but grow your business into a sustainable, scalable, and profitable fund distribution firm.

Wealth Elite is the top mutual fund software, which is an AI-based white labeled Multi Assets SaaS platform, equipped with digital Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions offering Powerful Business Intelligence, Automated onboarding with Video KYC, Online Transactions, Online ATM, Goal GPS, Portfolio Re-Balancing, and much more.

Advisor X is a trusted Business Management App that offers Mutual Fund Distributors & IFA to control their entire business using their Mobile Phones. MFDs can place Mutual Fund transactions on behalf of clients and share Valuation & Tax Package reports on Whatsapp. The app is equipped with valuable features like Video KYC, Goal GPS, Portfolio Analysis, and much more.

Robo Advisory App is an Automated Onboarding and Investment App that automates and expedites the onboarding journey of new clients in the business. The self-operative technology performs all essential business functions of MFDs with minimum human engagement.

Financial Websites can be considered the Front-End of MFD’s Business. The financial website with top-class quality creates a digital identity of MFDs with unique URLs to increase business visibility. It offers 20+ financial calculators, interactive infographics, corporate-style logo design, and much more.

Overall, REDVision is empowering the Mutual Fund Distributors and IFA in India with all the necessary tools and techs under a single umbrella.