Decaying teeth can lead to sleepless nights. In case of severe decay and unavoidable infection, the tooth needs to be extracted. However, when you go for an appointment in Calgary for tooth extractions, you will find out that the extraction procedure must be followed by a restorative dentistry treatment.

Most people assume that dental restorations are an unnecessary expense. Are you one of them and trying to avoid dental extractions just to save money on restorative dentistry? Well, if the answer is yes then keep reading to understand the importance of restorative dentistry.

Why do teeth need to be extracted?

Dental appointments are traumatic for many. However, delaying the treatment is inappropriate because a lack of treatment may lead to permanent tooth loss. Dentists recommend extraction in case of severe cavities and extensive loss of the bone structure. Secondly, extractions are recommended for those who have crowded teeth which are causing hindrances to dental hygiene.

In addition to this, cracked or fractured teeth must be extracted. Sometimes, dental extractions become necessary due to severe gum diseases. Moreover, some patients need dental extractions for performing orthodontic treatments.

Why restorative dentistry is important after tooth extraction?

Except for wisdom teeth, every other extracted tooth needs a replacement. You cannot leave the dentist’s clinic after extraction. Leaving the space as is can cause severe issues. It can create bite issues and speaking difficulties. The adjacent teeth are most likely to shift into the empty space creating challenges in dental hygiene and teeth alignment. When misaligned teeth make chewing difficult, the teeth will wear down quickly and you may end up spending more on restorative dentistry. Hence when you schedule an appointment in Calgary for tooth extractions, make sure to complete the procedure with restorative dentistry.

Which are the best options for restorative dentistry?

Now that you know the importance of restoration after teeth extraction, you must be wondering what are the options to replace the missing tooth. The most popular option is a dental implant in which an abutment and a post are used to replace the roots of a missing tooth. Dental implants function just like real teeth hence it is considered the best option for restoration.

Other ways to replace missing teeth are dental bridges and dentures. Bridges are fixed with the support of adjacent teeth, whereas dentures are removable attachments that are best suited when all teeth are extracted. There are partial and complete dentures available to replace the missing teeth.


When tooth extraction becomes necessary, don’t opt to leave the gap as is. Consult your dentist and make sure to fill the empty space with restorative dentistry to reduce the likelihood of chewing and biting issues. You can also schedule an appointment at Pathways Dental Clinic, which is the best clinic for tooth extractions in Calgary.

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