It is crucial to consult with a doctor before getting a hair transplant since at that time, you will learn a lot about your hair loss, the procedure, and the doctor. Additionally, during the consultation, the doctor learns more about your hair loss, the viability of a hair transplant, and a good treatment strategy. Therefore, in order to make better decisions, it is crucial to visit a qualified doctor first.

Hair transplant procedure

The selective harvesting of hair follicles from the donor region is required for the hair transplant surgery, and they are then specifically implanted at the targeted bald location. Following a hair transplant, lasting outcomes are ensured by carefully choosing hair follicles that are either permanent in nature or resistant to DHT.

At any stage of hair loss, patients can choose the advanced elective procedure of a hair transplant. But before confirming the viability of the process, a few criteria and conditions must be validated.

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It is essential to carefully rule out every part of the hair transplant surgery for effective outcomes. The initial meeting is a very important phase since the hair transplant surgeon will make important decisions at this time. The complete scalp examination that takes place during the initial consultation is the most crucial phase and is crucial for decision-making. The following list of factors emphasises the significance of scalp evaluation:

  1. To confirm eligibility and assess the patient’s suitability for the procedure: To establish the eligibility of the hair loss patient, the scalp is thoroughly checked during the initial consultation along with a comprehensive evaluation of medical history. The scalp analysis was able to successfully rule out a number of factors that were important for deciding on the candidate’s candidature. A person is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant if they meet the following criteria:
  • have reasonable expectations for the treatment;
  • are in good overall health; and
  • have a donor area with enough hair density.
  1. Assessment of reason of hair loss: To rule out a cause of hair loss, a scalp examination may reveal some information about the problem. When alopecia areata is suspected, a scalp biopsy may be performed to check for underlying inflammation. Additionally, the scalp is examined to determine future hair loss and confirm the baldness hereditary pattern. By measuring the follicle diameters, it is possible to detect hereditary hair loss if there is a trend of variable follicle thickness.
  2. To eliminate the need for further grafts in your case: Your evaluation of your scalp can establish the density and texture of your hair. The procedure’s viability and expectations for results are ruled out by the donor area’s hair density. By examining the donor region of the scalp, one might determine how many grafts are accessible for extraction. Whether there are enough grafts, it may be determined if the treatment can be done using the scalp as the donor region or if another place must be used to harvest the hair follicles.
  3. To determine the severity of hair loss using the Norwood classification: By examining the bald spots on the scalp, one may determine the Norwood stages of hair loss.
  4. Technique to perform hair transplant: To determine the hair transplant procedure that will be used, the amount of grafts needed to completely cover the bald region on the scalp must be determined.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that scalp evaluation has a significant influence in the success of hair transplantation.

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