Living with chronic pain can be very difficult. While there are many things you can do at home to help manage your pain, sometimes, seeking treatment from a professional is the best way to reduce your pain, make your pain more manageable, and lead a happier life. Pain relief can’t always be done at home. Pain management clinics serve people living with chronic pain by helping them diagnose and manage chronic diseases. Treatment at UrgentWay Clinic can change your life.

Work with the best technology

The advanced technology at our pain management institute allows us to serve those living with chronic pain as it gives us the ability to do many procedures that help alleviate chronic pain. Our minimally invasive procedures have had great results and have provided relief for hundreds/thousands of patients over the years. These are procedures done by our trained medical professionals that simply cannot be done yourself at home.

The First and Only Laser For Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment

FDA has approved this laser for the treatment of chronic lower back pain. This was accomplished in a clinical experiment that was double-blind and placebo-controlled. (After a follow-up assessment after two months) study participants reported a 58% reduction in pain. In the experiment, it was determined that the FX635 was successful in treating persistent lower back pain, and quick clearance of the FX 635 was achieved. The management of pain and the battle against opioids have both benefited greatly from this development.