BCA or Bachelor of Computer Science is an undergraduate course of three years that teaches you the fundamentals, theories, practicals, and concepts behind software development and related other computing skills. BCA has emerged as one of the most popular courses in India in the field of Computer Science and Applications. This is because it is a shorter course as compared to the 4-year B.Tech in Computer Science program but offers similar job opportunities. This is why this course is in great demand and is offered by a lot of universities.



Another reason for the popularity of this course is the recent boom of the digital era worldwide. Digitalization has brought myriad job opportunities in the field of web, software, and application development. There are several sectors seeking expert professionals in Computer Applications for their organizations. The field of Information Technology is expanding at an exponential rate and so the scope of a career in this field is great as it gives you an early entry into the professional world of IT.

Well, the career after BCA is surely lucrative but only when you pursue it from the right university. It is really important for you to choose the best colleges in India for BCA courses so that you are exposed to better educational facilities and career opportunities. There are two ways in which you can pursue the BCA course. One way is the regular BCA and the other option is online and distance BCA courses.

The online and distance mode of education has seen some really great responses as it became the new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. It proved to be really advantageous as it is affordable, convenient, and flexible. Students got a lot more exposure to their respective domains with distance education.


However, you must be very careful while selecting the best university for BCA distance education as it decides your future. Since online and distance education has seen a lot of progress, now there are many universities that offer BCA degrees without any proper government approvals and accreditations. In such cases, the degree stands invalid for jobs across any sector. There are many online platforms as well that scam students in the name of an online BCA degree. So, you must thoroughly check and choose the best university for the BCA course.

We have given a list of authentic online and distance universities in this blog for you to choose the best BCA distance education university and start your journey of an amazing career in the field of Information Technology. But first, let us see some essential factors that you need to know before taking admission to an online and distance university.

The first thing that you must check is the government approvals and accreditations of the university. Any degree is valid only if the university offering the degree is rightly approved by the government and has the necessary accreditations. Following are the essential accreditations and approvals that you need to check before taking admission to an online and distance university to check its authenticity.

  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • Distance education Bureau (DEB)
  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

The next important thing is to check the curriculum of the BCA course provided by the university. The syllabus and the course structure must be relevant to the current trends. It should also teach you the basics because they build the foundation. So, in all the curriculum should be a combination of the right syllabus topics that are in sync with what is needed in jobs after a BCA degree.

Another crucial thing to consider is the faculty of the university. You must check if the faculty has experience teaching in the online and distance mode. You can check this by either connecting with the students or alumni or you can check the official website of the university which might have a description of the faculty for the online BCA course.

The next thing of consideration is the teaching pedagogy of the university. You must check if it is a complete distance learning course or if it is an online learning course. The difference is that in distance learning, there are no classes held, you only get the study material and you just have to appear for examinations. While in the case of online learning, there are regular online classes via online Learning Management Systems (LMS). So, you should also check the kind of study material provided by the university in case of distance education and the digital infrastructure of the university including the LMS in case of online learning.

Another factor that you might want to consider is the fee structure. The BCA distance course fees are a lot less as compared to the regular BCA courses. The average fee for the online and distance BCA course in India is in the range of INR 90,000 to 1,50,000/- for the complete three-year duration of the course. There are several universities offering this course within the above fee range. So, whatever is your budget, you will surely be able to get a good online university for your course.

Following are some of the best online and distance universities in India that offer the BCA course. We have conducted thorough research after which we have come up with a list of approved and top universities for you to choose from. The table gives the per semester fee of each college as well.

University Name  Total Fee Per Semester 
SASTRA University INR 20,000/-
Hindustan Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) INR 17,500/-
Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) INR 26,000/-
Uttaranchal University INR 12,000/-
Lovely Professional University (LPU Online) INR 29,000/-
Amity University Online INR 26,600/-
Online Manipal University INR 20,000/-

By now you must have understood that why you should choose the best college for the BCA course in 2023. There are tremendous opportunities in the field of Information Technology that BCA graduates can easily grab but provided that they have pursued their degrees from a good university. A good university can help you with a great placement which could be a kickstart to your career. A good college will also give you the necessary exposure needed to survive in the industry. So choose your university wisely and thrive in your career!