Trelleborg Printing Solutions is a leading global manufacturer. Its Rollin, Sava, Vulcan, and Printec are brands leaders for offset printing utilizing diverse technologies like a headset, coldset, and sheetfed. Trelleborg Printing Blankets are appropriate for every type of ink, such as UV, conventional, and hybrid. The brand designs and manufactures various Axcyl mounting sleeves and bridges for flexographic printers.

Trelleborg printing accelerates commercial, security, newspaper, and packaging printing, providing printing and metal decorating supplies. Offset printing extensively uses quite a few of Trelleborg printing blankets:

  • Vulcan Printing Blankets
  • Sava Printing Blankets
  • Printec Printing Blankets
  • Rollin Printing Blankets

Roller Graphics Makes Up Easy to Carry Ads Material

Roller Graphics banner is a low-cost, reusable, and easily transportable way to promote your service, brand, or product at events and meetings. It is one of the most common forms of advertisement. They are known as roll-up or pull-up banners. It is a self-supporting advertising display comprising a wide fabric strip or any other material. 

High quality Roller Graphics on banners are printed using offset printing technology and are used to increase any business’ visibility at events such as fairs, seminars or conferences.

Types and Materials for Roller Graphics on Banners

Roller banner graphics banner can be divided into three categories:

  • In The Classic Roller Banner the content is only visible on one side.
  • The double-sided banner offers extra visibility.
  • The extra-large banner provides a large printable area at the maximum size of 2×3 m. These are beneficial for creating unique displays.

Benefits of Roller Banners

Roller banners are used at stores, events, or anywhere else where potential customers could be. They are used for promoting brands, messages, and services. The reason why the use of roller banners is so common, it’s because they are cheaper than other types of advertising or marketing. 

They are easy to set up as they are lightweight and come with a standee, which functions as the base. So it can be placed on any flat surface. The banner does not gather creases or crumbs even after folding. They are easily portable, and you can also reuse them. Roller banners have long-lasting durability. 

Trelleborg is The New Age of Offset and Flexo Printing Solutions

Printers might select among a wide range of polymer, coating plates, and rubber based for varnishing and coating and a new generation of printing blankets for printing under low energy UV. All around the world, offset printers ask for unmatched levels of quality and productivity. With technological improvement, Sava, Vulcan, Printec, and Rollin blankets fulfill these needs.

There is a shift in the industry where printing on paper is less common, and printing on packaging is increasing rapidly. The surface of different materials is not easy to deal with. The user wants to achieve the best possible print by considering the environment. Printing on plastic, paper, or other materials, Trelleborg’s multi-purpose print is sustainable. 

Trelleborg printing blankets are a mix of several layers of fabrics and polymers. A vehicle needs a tire to drive safely, far, and fast the printing press requires for printing blanket to offer consistency and quality. Different polymers are for specific mechanical and chemical properties. During the process of manufacture, grinding is the key step to providing a printing blanket with a uniform surface.