We are living in an ever-evolving and ever-developing world. Technology is a factor that upgrades every now and then. To get optimal usage of your machinery it is important that you timely upgrade your machinery. The extrusion sector is no exception to this case. In fact, with so much at stake in the extrusion sector, it becomes even more important to upgrade your machinery whenever possible.

Upgrading might not always mean replacing; sometimes all a machine might need would be a software upgradation, thorough cleaning, or simply a stitch here and there in some parts of the machine line. Replacing the belt in the belt wrap capstans will also be considered to upgrade your machine. Let’s have a look at the benefits that replacing your machinery has to offer.

Increased Productivity

Upgrading your machinery results in better performance of the machinery, it makes your machines faster and works more efficiently. This leaves a huge impact on the business which can now be operated in a more productive manner.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

New equipment enhances compliance with safety guidelines. Upgrading effectively cuts down the risk of there being accidents at work. Accidents suddenly occurring at work can be a problem for all for many reasons. The main problem is the safety of all of your employees.

Reduced Downtime

The use of the latest technology and equipment results in a reduction in the downtime for the complete system. Downtimes take a direct hit on the productivity of your company. Using a high-quality dual take up machine and getting timely upgrades is all you need to reduce downtime.


Using upgraded machinery increases your efficiency and productivity. It further reduces downtime and mitigates the probable risks. All of these collectively help in increasing your cost efficiency. Hence, upgrading your machine is a profitable deal for all.


Upgrading your machinery is highly important. The above points prove that it is a complete win-win situation. Some machinery manufacturing giants, like Supermac, offer upgrading services for machines like dual take up machine, belt wrap capstans, cross head machine, etc. which are important in the extrusion sector.