The process of getting your home ready for sale is called “house styling.” The goal is to make your house market-ready and appealing to many potential purchasers, ensuring that the sellers will receive more money. Styled homes are known to sell for 30% more than other properties. A property’s market value is increased by around 20% as a result of home styling for sales.

It’s possible that the immaculately adorned homes you see on magazine covers and in catalogues are not the true state of the structure; rather, they may be styled residences. This is done to make it easier for potential purchasers to envision living there after purchasing. Why accept less when you can easily improve your home or property’s visual appeal and sell it for more money?


Make your house appear pricey.


Hiring a professional home stylist in Canberra will help you come up with superior staging ideas for your home by highlighting its best aspects. Your property may need to be rearranged and furnished to make it more aesthetically pleasant.


There are occasions when you don’t need to buy furniture, pricey artwork, or accessories because a property stylist will know how to handle it.

Selling home styling is a marketing strategy. If you want to save money or are confident enough in your abilities to design and present the property, you can do it yourself. The interior of the home should be updated and touched up, your furniture should be adjusted, new pillowcases should be added, any personal images or décor should be taken down, and pretty warm touches like fresh flowers should be added.


Before the home is photographed, listed, or promoted, a professional house stylist will work with their clients to clean up and style it.

Some Canberra home staging professionals will actively participate in the entire process and guide you through it while you observe from the outside, while others may merely offer suggestions on how sellers should present their homes and properties for their clients. Even a variety of décor items that you can utilise to spruce up the space may be available. These professionals can help you since they frequently have knowledge in interior design, decorating, or even real estate.


Even if they are paid, these experts typically complete the task for you.

They will evaluate the current condition of your home, offer suggestions for boosting its all-around appeal to potential buyers and marketability, and then put those suggestions into practise by moving furniture, adding fresh décor, or helping you to declutter.


Why is home staging important before you put it on the market?


The benefits of home styling are numerous. It can help potential buyers envision their lives there, which is one advantage. It provides potential buyers with a blank canvas, free of clutter, belongings, and other items that can turn them off or make it difficult for them to picture living on the home.

Furthermore, home styling makes a house appear more “move-in ready,” i.e., like it needs less maintenance or work before a new buyer can move in. A property that is ready for a buyer to move into is what 71% of purchasers prefer. 2 Styling could be able to help you create that impression, which could be a big advantage when selling your home.


Finally, staging a home makes it more appealing to potential buyers. When shared on social media, printed on flyers, and displayed in other visual marketing mediums, it looks better in listing photographs, which are important in today’s home-buying process. Properties sell more quickly as a result of staging.

Differences between houses with and without styles


There are a few important things to take care of before diving into the style process and thinking about it in detail.


  • The full price of styling


  • The advantages of interior design for your home


  • How is the seller’s market going where you live?


If you have a realtor, consult with them before making any important choices. There is always a chance that they may be aware of alternatives.


When styling a house for sale, not every room is done the same way. Spend more time on the aspects of your business that could have the biggest impact on customers’ decisions, and less time on the aspects that won’t have much of an impact. The kitchen, living room, and main bedroom are where the effects are most noticeable.


When house staging these are the places you should pay the most attention to.


One of the hardest things to get oneself to do is mow the lawn. You have a number of options, but if none of them is working or you’re having trouble with the others, you might want to think about getting an artificial turf carpet. By installing fake grass, you can keep your yard green and avoid any maintenance. The options on the market look like real grass and are inexpensive. This is an excellent technique to keep your garden in good shape without exerting all the labour-intensive work.


The outside is just as significant as the interior.


You only need to think about it. Your garden can be changed in a variety of ways. If you take the time to plan, you could avoid some effort and guarantee that your garden looks beautiful all year long.


Consider placing pockets of plants on your large patio if you need to add some greenery there. You can spend money on large, lush plants that need little maintenance. Ferns, decorative grasses, and hydrangeas are all favourite choices. The best part about this is that your house will stay tidy and your plants can provide the exoticism your landscape so desperately needs.


Sustainability is a primary concern for Millennials and Generation Z. Less is more in this relaxed, minimalist design style that emphasises light wood, sharp edges, and floating surfaces.

Spaces for meditation are distraction-free areas devoid of technology. Consider employing natural products for a soothing environment and organic healing. To filter the air and create a more natural ambience, add crystals, driftwood accents, stone surfaces, and several real plants.

Choose eco-friendly wood products made of bamboo, white ash, or pine. Use jute, recycled metal, bioglass, reclaimed wood, and other green materials in the mix. Add floor pillows, cushions, a plush rug, or a wall tapestry to soften the area.

The colours that are employed to refine appearance most frequently are earthy tones. Excellent blue and green tones that are even more striking contrast warmly with rich earth tones in warm shades of brown. People long for the safety and solace that dark earth tones provide after feeling such high levels of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.


Rich colours also enhance areas with straightforward

Organic design elements. 


Forbes recommends using the following colours:


The wise and mysterious Gloucester William Moore


Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze and Iron Valspar’s Ore Rustic Wood and Fired Earth paint.


Choose eco-friendly wood products made of bamboo, white ash, or pine.


 Use jute, recycled metal, bioglass, reclaimed wood, and other green materials in the mix. Also, add floor pillows, cushions, and a plush rug to soften the space.


Everything that is attractive sells well. It is the general rule of a market, whether it be for produce, goods, or real estate, so make sure your house is well-styled before it is put on the market to make it appealing.