Truck Bodies

Wilcox Bodies builds truck bodies and utility service truck bodies for cities, municipalities, contractors, single users, and groups of manufacturers, to be distributed throughout Canada and the U.S. In 2007, Wilcox Bodies Limited relocated from Wilcox Bodies older location in Streetsville, Ontario, to their current, much larger facility, where they continue to produce quality service truck bodies and provide top-notch customer service. Truck bodies and equipment are designed by hand, to your specifications. You’ll be included in the design process throughout the whole process and your opinions will be taken into account when designing your very own truck body or piece of equipment.

In 1980, current owner John Dick purchased Wilcox Bodies from Rick Wilcox, who then focused Wilcox Bodies on building steel and aluminium fabricated service truck bodies and utility trucks. Every Wilcox truck body is welded by certified Canadian Welders from the welding bureau, which results in trucks built to the highest standards. Wilcox Bodies has a large variety of options to meet the needs of each client, including convertible tops, custom paint jobs, and bespoke upholstery. If you want custom built truck ready for you then call Wilcox bodies team to hire our services. We also deals in parts that contributing in peak performances.

Emergency Vehicles

Wilcox Emergency Vehicles are built to perform in tough situations while still looking awesome. We offer a wide variety of configurations with limitless options. Our Service Truck bodies are suited for the toughest industrial applications, and they will stand up in the elements. Wilcox Bodies experienced designers, engineers, and sales associates can help design your ideal Service Truck. Wilcox Rescue Bodies are made out of the strongest aluminium and are built to standards that guarantee they’re safe and reliable. They’re also certified according to Canadian Welding Bureau 47.2 standards, so you can feel confident in what you’re holding. When you need your body, Wilcox Bodies are best there to protect you. Our truck bodies are designed with experience since 1962 and constructed to last. Our team of skilled craftsmen takes great pride in the high standard that each vehicle is crafted to. Each of our truck body products ensures an easy and safe job for you, the customer. We provide our products on built to last technology. Call us & check our Emergency equipment products quickly.

Quality is especially important when it’s an emergency. Each Wilcox Emergency Body is designed to provide top-level performance and protect children and adults from harm. This is why each body comes with a 7-year warranty that guarantees its lasting quality. When it comes to protecting people, our vehicles will outperform expectations, and we can’t say that about all brands on the market.