Women education is a very vast  topic now, and the government of India also has committed to educate the women’s in India.  Read more about women’s education in our country.

Education for all is one of the major tasks being carried out by the Indian government but still, if we see the data we are lowest in women education in India. Governments are working but the speed of the work is very slow.

 As per the report, India’s country-wide female literacy rate is 70.3%, while the male literacy rate is estimated at 84.7%. India’s average literacy rate stands at 77.7%, according to the NSO.

Why to educate women

Education helps to bring equality between male female. The illiteracy of women is one of the root causes of the discrimination. It started from the home as the boys went to the best school and girls stayed at the home or went to lower school.  This originates from the mindset of discrimination in the society. When both girls and boys study in the same school and treatment of the teachers are also same then it affects at their home . Many school teachers or staff also discriminate between boys and girls.

We have to start treating the girl from our house then it comes to the society and country to change. The government and those who are working in this field need help from those who want to change the mindset of the people.


Education in India

Education plays a very important role in the development of the country. Women’s are one pillar of the country if they are not at their place then it affects the country in the growth. We have to make both pillars to be strong.. The Indian Education system has two important structures, one is formal and another one is non-formal education. Government also provides help to educate the girls and to grow with boys. Online education and distance education help girls to educate at the same time as living at home.

If the majority of the women’s are not taking part in the country’s economy then it also affects the economic development of the country.