Gyms in Dubai

To begin with, exercise or workout in any form is always a good start and googling gym near me would not be a bad idea. Between yoga and gym, for calorie loss gym is the better choice, though both have their individual benefits. To go for gym or yoga, should be a personal decision based on your body requirement and other health issues.

To help you reach a conclusion, we are listing a couple of points about both gym and yoga, which can be a useful handbook.

  • Calmness of mind: If you are looking for calmness and peace of mind, then yoga is better than gym. It cools down mind, and brings you at peace with self.
  • Quick weight loss: If you are over-weight or want to tighten your muscles, go for gym. It is good for tightening of loss skin, tones your body and give a fast weight loss.
  • Building stamina: Both are good for building stamina, however with yoga it is a gradual and a slow process. Whereas, with gym you can achieve it faster.
  • Age: It is the biggest factor, if you are starting exercise for the first time and you are above 50, we recommend go for yoga. The gradual progression would not have an adverse effect. You can balance yoga with weight training for strength and muscle toning, which will benefit you in many ways in the long run.

Fitness experts, trainers and nutritionists recommend there should be a mix of both as our body need both calmness of yoga and calorie burning exercises of gym. Gyms in Abu Dhabi are for all fitness enthusiasts. is an online site which has a catalogue of the best gyms in UAE, scroll through today for the best gym near you.