For various reasons or purposes, many people now choose to wear wigs. Due to the increasing demand for wigs, the market for wigs has further expanded, but women are still the main force in the wig consumer market.

Why wear a wig?

Hair loss is one of the reasons for choosing to wear a wig. There are many reasons for a person’s hair loss, mainly divided into two categories: physiological alopecia and etiological alopecia. Due to malnutrition, staying up late, work pressure, and other reasons, a lot of hair will fall off, which will lead to a series of problems such as baldness and a high hairline. The cause of hair loss is hair loss caused by cancer and other diseases. Wearing human hair wigs can help them change their appearance and restore self-confidence.

Other people wearing wigs may just want to change their appearance through wigs, just like clothing and accessories. Wigs are very convenient for styling, and you can change the appearance at will through different wigs. For people who like to try different looks, wearing a wig is very convenient and economical.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs refer to a wig with transparent lace on the front of the wig, leaning on the forehead to outline your natural hairline. The purpose of lace is to make the wearer look like a natural hairline. These wigs are very popular because if worn properly, they will look like your natural hair, and you can design parts and ponytails in a variety of ways just like your natural hair.

Classification of Lace Front Wigs

It is mainly divided into 13×4 lace front wigs and 13×6 lace front wigs. 13 refers to the length from ear to ear, 4 or 6 refers to the length from the forehead to the back, which is equivalent to 13 inches horizontally and 4 or 6 inches vertically. The 13×6 lace front wig can cover two inches more on the back, which means it has higher air permeability than the 13×4 lace front wig.

Why choose lace front wigs?

Human hair lace front wigs provide you with a natural hairline. The transparent lace can blend well with your skin tone, trying to create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.

They are made from the best quality Indian, Chinese, or European Remy hair, have a natural look, and allow the wearer to design the wig away from their face without revealing the fact that they are wearing the wig.

With so many style possibilities, you can design different styles according to your hobbies, which also increases credibility and natural appearance.

Due to the use of lace material, it is more breathable and comfortable than ordinary wigs and has higher durability.

Suitable for various occasions, you can wear it to participate in various activities without worrying about being found wearing a wig.

How to simply put on a lace front wig?

First, hide your hair, you can use a small amount of hairspray to fix the hair. Next, adjust the edge of the wig to match the hairline. Next, adjust the back of the wig so that it hangs naturally on the hair. Finally, fix the lace of the wig with an adhesive, and cut off the excess lace as needed.

Where to buy high-quality lace front wigs?

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