Here are some of the top essentials you need to pack up for your upcoming adventure.

#Your perfect backpacking gear

First and foremost, you need to find the perfect backpack to take with you for your adventure. For an overnight trip, you can choose a backpack with a capacity of 30-50 liters. If you plan on staying for more days, then buy a bag at the higher spectrum. Get one with a rain cover to make sure you can carry them even during a heavy downpour. You can check for backpack offers online to find your best fit. Make sure you pack a flashlight, a sleeping pad, a pillow, and a small lantern, in your bag. Also, carry trekking poles to avoid hassles during your journey.


#Food and water

Your travel bag should have all basic food supplements, to make sure you do not starve during your adventure. If you are planning on going hiking, then carry the basics like an energy bar, a few nuts, or hard cheese. For other meals throughout the day, carry some robust options. Carrying a bottle of fresh water is always a good idea when going on any trip. You can even pack a portable water filter in your backpack.


#Clothing and footwear

Before you get ready for the trip, make sure you check the forecast to pack the right clothing. Keep in mind to pack a few extra pieces of clothing to compensate for a surprise night out. Also, you need to think about the levels of protection your clothing will provide against harmful UV rays. If you plan on going for a full-fledged hiking trip, then be prepared with your ensemble for the adventure. Your choice of footwear should complement the type of trail you will be exploring. If the terrain is smooth and soft, opt for hiking shoes or trail runners. On the other hand, if you plan on exploring rocky and rugged terrain, then boots are going to be your best bet.