The tradition of Rakhi centres around this thread, which symbolizes countless emotions, to celebrate this auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan. In the month of Shravana (in mid-August), the moon fully bloomed on the night of Purnima (or full moon).In India, such a sacred duty of protection towards each other is bestowed with a blessed thread that’s tied onto the wrist.

According to Vastu, never choose black thread or a black amulet. The Rakhi should model auspicious symbols and sacred colours such as orange, yellow, and red. Naturally procured silk thread, cotton thread, silver, and gold are superior as they are born of the earth rather than man-made plastic as prescribed by the sacred Hindu Tradition.

These perfecting thoughts behind the Designer Rakhi are a profound knowledge that goes into crafting a delicate yet deeply cherished passage of life between brothers and sisters. May finding strengthen within bonds not be hard to come by. With these 7 Vastu acclaimed Rakhis forge the undeniably truth within kinships and brotherhood:-

1. Saraswati rakhi:

The Divine and spiritually guide is the Goddess Saraswati who embody’s purity of waters amassed in abundant knowledge, encourages education, creativity, and the discipline to master epiphany drawn from musical notes. Such an auspicious deity could only be a good fortune to tie your heartstrings on to as a Rakhi.

2. Ganesh Rakhi:

Ganesh Ji the Hindu Elephant God is the audacious one who takes on and removes the obstructions from one’s path. This popularly loved protector bears courage tusk and aids adaptability to triumph of what it takes to be human with meticulously pounding the intellectual strength. This beautiful reminder makes one adore the amulet in his design.

3. Lumba Rakhi:

Rooted in Marwari tradition, these beautiful Rakhis are bangles adorned with dangling beads and embellished to the wife of your happily married brother. Lumba Rakhi is a very special rakhi because they symbolize the connection of the sister-in-law towards her brother’s wife. Joining hands together in prevailing harmony, fostering abundance, and strengthen the bond between the bhabhi and her sister-in-law makes it unique.

4. Pearl Rakhi:

The element born of the seas gravitates to the moon as the tides ragging in the calmness of the waters. A Pearl Rakhi represents soberness, softness, love, enchanting eyes, and calmness of mind to stay in grace in the face of turbulence in life. This pristine collective Pearl Rakhi is one timeless jewel.

5. Silver Rakhi:

For a very long time Silver metal embodies the idea of purity, clarity, and elegance. A rakhi with Silver amulet holds symbolic value in Indian traditions and is associated with good fortunes and positive prayers to preserve what’s who are precious. This is the reason behind why ever sister chooses Silver Rakhi for her beloved brother to prosper and kindle the purest intent in the innocence of a brother’s heart.

6. Mauli Rakhi:

Generally found in red. Mauli Rakhi has been instrumental in awaking the spiritual strength, protection, bravery against all evils. Tying a red Mauli thread will safeguard your brother. It has earned its significance as a very sacred thread in the Hindu religion.

7. Rudraksha Rakhi:

To champion over the fear of enemies at sight and the forces beyond our own sight. It takes the wearer of Rudraksha Rakhi be only whisper away from evoking goddess Durga, who helps destroy all the evils and sins. This blessed emotional bond makes the wearer courageous and bold and thus enhances endurance and positivity.


A brother’s promise and unconditional love for his sister wreath a beautiful sacred bond is a divinely blessed grace that festivity as Raksha Bandhan invoke grand celebration with the most suited Rakhi for your brother’s aarti.