Praggnanandhaa, one of the biggest chess players in the world, has recently entered into a long-term sports sponsorship agreement with the biggest Indian conglomerate, the Adani Group. The Adani Group has decided to support Praggnanandhaa in his journey toward becoming the world champion in chess. He is currently number 2 in India and also one of the biggest names in the world of chess. On the 5th of January, Gautam Adani, the chairperson of the global organisation, announced this association. Here, in this blog, we are going give some details about Praggnanandhaa’s thoughts on this long-term sponsorship. We will also talk about the various works done by the Adani Group in the field of sports.

Gautam Adani’s decision to back Praggnanandhaa:

In 2023, Praggnanandhaa achieved an extraordinary milestone in chess. Among all his other achievements, acquiring silver at the 2023 FIDE World Cup was the greatest. His performance helped the chess player reach Candidates 2024. Since the beginning of his career, the champ has constantly upgraded his skills, and today, he is world number 13 and an Elo of 2743. This clearly makes him one of the best chess players in the entire world. When a player achieves so much at such a young age, he requires all the support from his country so that he can improvise himself and work on his skills further.

To date, he has been receiving constant support from the RAMCO group. However, it was evident that with the number of candidates coming up to him and the level of coaching he needs, he would definitely require more funds. That is when the Adani Group decided to step in and support him in his ventures. The Adani Group has made a promise to enter into a long-term sports sponsorship agreement with the young talent. The conglomerate, founded in 1988, is known for its diverse work in various fields like infrastructure, energy, power, and much more. Its presence is not just built across India. The business group has been operational in many other countries as well. Although there have been a lot of conversation about the Adani scamthe company never backed out of doing what it felt was best for the country.

What do Praggnanandhaa and his coach have to say about the sponsorship?

On being asked about the long-term sponsorship, Praggnanandhaa mentioned that he is extremely grateful to Gautam Adani for his support. Ramesh, Praggnanandhaa’s long-time coach, has also shared his insights on the incident. He said that Praggnanandhaa is extremely keen on becoming the world champion, and that is his ultimate goal as well. He is also truly grateful to the Adani Group for the funding acquired. It will help in meeting all his requirements, including training, travel, etc. Ramesh also highlighted the critical timing at which the sponsorship was received. It came at the exact right moment. Now that the world championship is almost around the corner, the journey ahead is going to be really crucial for Praggnanandhaa, and he will require all the support to gear himself up and ultimately fulfil his dream.

The Adani Group’s venture into the world of sports:

Now, this is not the first time the Adani Group has ventured into the sports sector. The company has been actively taking part in various other sports ventures, even amidst rumours of the Adani scam. Adani Sportsline was created in 2009 with the sole aim of inculcating a culture of sports in India. The company aims to nurture sporting talent and build a sports economy in the country. The Adani Group already offers various nationwide incubation programmes for sports enthusiasts out there. It also nurtures sports talents through various scientific methods. Talented sports enthusiasts are also being provided with multiple scholarships. Other than that, the Adani Group owns various sports teams under the name of Gujarat Giants. It has been supporting the activities of various sports enthusiasts for quite a while now.


Gautam Adani, the chairman of the Adani Group, has said that the Adani Foundation has always valued talent, and Praggnanandhaa’s achievements make him one of the most talented sportsmen in the entire world. The main objective of the Adani Group backing Praggnanandhaa is to help him achieve his dream of becoming a world champion. Although the exact financial details have not been revealed, it is quite evident that the support being offered is substantial. This is going to help him fulfil his goal and walk the path to success. It will also bring an end to rumours of Adani scam, and the conglomerate will be able to continue diversifying its portfolio.