The Adani Group, one of the most popular global conglomerates, has always been keen to bring about digitalisation in India. Now and then, the conglomerate has taken up extraordinary ventures that have paved the way for the country’s digitisation. The business group has also been actively involved in building data centres in different corners of India. This has again given its business operations an excellent boost. It has also helped the conglomerate rise above the controversies of the Adani CBI Investigation. Presently, the conglomerate is also planning to enter the digital payments network. This would streamline businesses across the Adani Group supply chain. The firm will also be able to reach the peak of business profitability.

So, here we are going to talk to you about Adani Group’s presence in the digitisation sector:

The entry into the digital payments network:

The Adani Group is currently looking forward to further expanding its digital footprint by becoming a part of India’s unified payments network. This invasion into the digital payments segment is one of the latest of several new acquisitions and markets explored by the conglomerate. With its entry into the digital payment network, the Adani Group plans to target the existing users of its diverse business portfolio. This includes gas and electricity customers and airport travellers. By introducing them to the Adani UPI network, the Adani group will be able to create a seamless ecosystem. The users can also earn various loyalty points by making their purchases through the Adani Group’s digital payment network.

The exploration of the e-commerce sector:

Now, here’s another way in which the Adani Group plans to strengthen its control over the world of digitalisation. It is already in negotiations to offer customers an online shopping experience. This is going to be done through the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), a government-backed platform specifically designed to facilitate E-Commerce business. The Adani Group plans to offer the services through the Adani One app. The app was launched in 2022. It currently offers travel services, including hotel and flight booking. By invading the e-commerce segment, the Adani Group can boost its customer-facing business. It will also be able to diversify its portfolio further and enhance business resilience after the Adani CBI Investigation.

The construction of digital labs:

The Adani Group is currently in the process of building digital labs in India. These digital labs are a way of connecting billions of people living in different corners of the world. These digital labs will also lead the way towards business transformation. By designing innovative digital products, the Adani Group will be able to offer a seamless experience to customers. It will also empower the lives of Indians. These digital labs come equipped with highly advanced forms of technology like AR, VR, etc. They also have every modern digital marketing tool available that can be used to create a seamless end-user experience. The digital labs will also ensure that people living in remote corners of India are able to benefit from the advancements made in the different forms of technology.

The setting up of data centres:

On its journey towards digitalisation, the Adani Group has set up data centres in different corners of the country. These data centres will have the latest forms of technology installed, and they will take our country to the frontiers of digitalisation. A lot of investments have already been made in setting up advanced data centres. The company also has elaborate plans for this particular segment in the upcoming years.

These data centres use renewable energy for their operations. They offer seamless, uninterrupted data consumption and storage. These data centres have largely benefited the growing number of smartphone users who need high-speed mobile data. Adani Enterprises, with its inherent capacity to build data centres, also offers strong fibre connectivity and network connectivity across its data centres.


In this way, the Adani Group has always done its best to bring about digital transformation in India. It has entered into a joint venture with EdgeConneX to set up state-of-the-art data centres in India. EdgeConneX is one of the biggest names in the field of technology. By joining hands with EdgeConneX, the company will be able to become a hyperscale data centre provider in India. This will again give its digitisation business an extraordinary boost. The conglomerate will also be able to recover from the losses that it suffered during the Adani CBI Investigation and the Hindenburg crisis.