The Administering SAS Viya A00-451 Exam is an industry-recognized professional certification examination designed to evaluate an individual’s knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in administering SAS Viya. PassQuestion offers the most recent and updated Administering SAS Viya A00-451 Exam Questions, specifically designed to assist your exam preparation. These questions are designed with great attention to detail and cover all the critical content of the exam, ensuring you are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge needed to excel in the test. By utilizing PassQuestion Administering SAS Viya A00-451 Exam Questions, you prepare for the exam and gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can be instrumental in understanding the concepts better and passing the exam successfully.

SAS Viya Administration Specialist

Getting the Administering SAS Viya Certification is a significant milestone, showing your deep knowledge and expertise in SAS Viya Administration. It sets you apart from your peers, demonstrating that you have the necessary know-how in SAS Viya Administration to make a substantial and meaningful difference within your workplace. The path to becoming a SAS Viya Administration Specialist is about constantly learning and growing professionally. It’s about mastering crucial skills and showcasing your proficiency by earning your certification. This journey doesn’t just arm you with important knowledge, but also readies you to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-changing world of data administration.

Exam Information

Administering SAS Viya
Exam ID: A00-451
This exam is administered by SAS and Pearson VUE.
60-65 multiple choice questions.
110 minutes to complete exam.
Passing score is 65%.
Certification expires after 5 years.
Exam Fee: $180

Exam Objectives

35–40%   Managing a SAS Viya Environment

  • Understand and administer programming run-time servers
  • Administer the CAS Server
  • Update a SAS Viya deployment
  • Backup and restore SAS Viya environment
  • Understand and administer Viya servers and services
  • Understand SAS Viya architecture

15–20%   Monitoring, logging and troubleshooting in a SAS Viya Environment

  • Monitor the SAS Viya Environment
  • Configure CAS server and services logging

10–15%   Identity and User management

  • Manage SAS Viya identities
  • Manage external credentials

15–20%   Content and Functionality Management

  • Migration
  • Manage and secure SAS Viya Content
  • Administer Access to functionality

10–15%  – Data management in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)

  • Create and manage caslibs
  • Perform data management tasks

View Online SAS Viya Administration Specialist A00-451 Free Questions

1. Which statement is TRUE about the SAS Compute Server?
A. It is hosted by the embedded web application server.
B. It is started by the SAS Object Spawner.
C. It uses the IOM protocol to interact with other servers and services.
D. It is used by SAS Studio Enterprise.
Answer: D

2. SAS Viya servers and services use different methods to configure logging. For which option would you use SAS Environment Manager to administer logging?
A. SAS Object Spawner
B. SAS Configuration Server
C. SAS Launcher Server
D. SAS Visual Analytics
Answer: A

3. Which action can be done in SAS Environment Manager?
A. Add a new User
B. Modify the ID of a User
C. Add a new Custom Group
D. Modify the ID of a Custom Group
Answer: C

4. Which is one of the programming run-time servers in a full deployment of SAS Viya?
A. SAS Cloud Analytic Services
B. SAS Message Broker
C. SAS Compute Server
D. SAS Cache Server
Answer: C

5. Which statement is TRUE about a SAS programming-only deployment?
A. All code must be submitted in batch.
B. All code must be submitted in batch or via Enterprise Guide
C. It includes SAS Studio which connects to the SAS Workspace Server
D. It includes SAS Studio which connects with the SAS Compute Service
Answer: C

6. Which authorization system controls access to SAS Visual Analytics report objects?
A. CAS authorization system
B. General authorization system
C. Viya authorization system
D. Report authorization system
Answer: B

7. Where does the CAS server store caslib management privileges?
A. kubernetes configmap
B. SAS Configuraiton Server
C. kubernetes persistent volume
D. SAS Infrastructure Data Server
Answer: C

8. Which statement describes the role of the SAS Infrastructure Data Server in a SAS Viya deployment?
A. Storing configuration properties for microservices and web applications
B. Providing a distributed cache functionality to microservices
C. Generating and storing secrets, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates
D. Storing user content information, such as folders, preferences, reports, etc.
Answer: D

9. Which two methods can be used to stop SAS Viya Deployment? (Choose 2.)
A. Use the Ansible CronJob sas-stop-all.
B. Use kustomiza transformers to scale the SAS Viya Deployment to zero.
C. Use the sas-viya sas-stop-all command.
D. Use the Kubernetes CronJob sas-stop-all.
Answer: BD

10. Where are the audit records for SAS Viya stored?
A. SAS Infrastructure Data Server
B. SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Server
C. SAS Secret Manager
D. SAS Cache Locator
Answer: A