Wireless technology has become a popular mode of connectivity among small businesses. Setting up cables and networks is a crucial aspect of improving the performance of the business. Small business owners prefer hiring cabling service providers for setting up network cabling. However, some aspects are to be considered and mistakes are to be avoided during network cabling service installation. This blog will provide ideas on the mistakes to be avoided during cabling service setup.

Network Cabling

Ignoring Neat Design

Technicians will take care of networking projects and services. However, a business owner should not miss out on ensuring a neat design. The first checklist should be to ensure that the expert sets up proper access points, networking, and cabling.

A clear, logical arrangement of the cables should be the second checklist. A rat’s nest of cables is a red flag and shows the inefficiency of the expert. Business owners have to ensure that they hire technicians who can assure them of quality connections with logically arranged cabling.

Overlooking a Project Plan

It is usual for the cabling experts to lay thousands of cables and work through multiple cabling projects. A good expert should have a tangible plan for the network cabling services they provide. As a business owner, you must remember to get a detailed plan, which must include:

  • A timeline
  • Identification of potential challenges

Transparency of the project with all the business personnel. The plan should be clear to both parties and contain proper guidelines. It is essential to keep all the people involved on the same page.

Failing To Foresee The Future

Technology is rapidly changing, and it is hard for business owners to predict the future. Cabling experts can make a knowledgeable guess for the future. They must ensure that cabling is scalable for the future. They must be able to integrate future technologies. Besides, the experts need to go through the client’s business growth forecast.

When the cabling expert overlooks these aspects, it becomes a mistake on behalf of the business owner who hired the expert.

Lacking Communication

As a business owner, the network cabling service vendor must be the last one they ever hire. When the experts can wow the business owner, they will come back to the same expert for future endeavors.

Business owners often fail to keep a log of the work done by the cabling experts. In case the business owner changes the service provider, without the service log, it will be hard to communicate what work has already been done.


A network cabling service is essential for business owners. The experts know their ‘drill’. However, business owners must avoid the mistakes discussed above to get the most out of the service experts. The mistakes discussed above can often put the owner in jeopardy, as without proper cabling, the business will have a hard time connecting to the internet. Having a clean cabling arrangement will save time for future maintenance. Maintaining logs and having a plan will help the business owner get better service from the experts.