Do you see yellow-stained teeth when you glance in the mirror? Do you want to eat whites only? Well, stop worrying! One of the most often used cosmetic dentistry procedures nowadays is teeth whitening. But with so much information and merchandise available, finding out what helps and what can be dangerous is critical. If you have teeth whitening treatment from a professional, it is safe and effective.

Our team’s vast experience in offering various dental services is demonstrated by the before and after photos of our teeth whitening procedure.

They range from veneers and crowns to implants and long-term teeth whitening. Get started on a whiter smile by contacting a good dentist in Houston right now.

What occurs before receiving treatment?

You should be informed that teeth whitening does not guarantee a miraculous makeover because it entails bleaching teeth. The color of your teeth will lighten by five to six shades. It will probably get quite near to off-white if it is yellow. It should become nearly white if it is off-white. View our Teeth Whitening Before and After Photos; the results will speak for themselves.

At the initial appointment, the majority of dentists will: 

  • Ascertain that you are at least 18 years old. Children are rarely subjected to this technique by dentists.
  • Verify if your teeth and gums are strong enough to withstand the bleaching procedure, which is essential to the treatment.
  • Ensure you are aware of the anticipated tint of your teeth after treatment. The dentist will demonstrate this by showing you a chart with various tooth tints.
  • Give you an estimated time frame for completing the procedure.

The Two Kinds of Whitening Procedures

With your dentist’s assistance, two teeth whitening methods are frequently combined for the best results.

The first is a supercharged appointment at your cosmetic dental practice, where you may drastically whiten your teeth without committing to weeks of treatment. You will spend around one hour in the chair.

Custom dental trays are used for at-home treatments in the second approach, typically in conjunction with the first. For optimal effects, utilize them for a few hours each day while sleeping.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The in office teeth whitening process is viral and can be used on its own or in conjunction with at-home nightly treatments. To ensure that you and your dentist are dealing with only the teeth and not what you had for breakfast, your teeth whitening treatment will probably begin with standard teeth cleaning.

The dentist will use a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and an intense UV light to treat your teeth after cleaning. As a one-time treatment or to jump-start at-home Whitening, the in-office process is highly successful since the bleaching gel responds to UV radiation, boosting the whitening effect.

What takes place in the course of the therapy?

First, let’s discuss the widely utilized teeth-whitening technique: the at-home teeth-whitening kit. Hydrogen peroxide is a critical component that dentists use to whiten teeth.

The course of treatment will be carried out as follows, in detail:

  • Your affordable dentist in houston will take an appearance of both your upper and lower teeth in one sitting. It is going to be utilized to make a mouthguard.
  • Next, the dentist will give you a bleaching gel (Enlighten Whitening tray, for example). They will provide you with an explanation of the gel’s usage.
  • Before using the gel at home, you must use the mouthguard. Over two to four weeks, the dentist will specify how long the gel needs to be placed.
  • If you are hurrying to finish the treatment, s/he suggests you leave the gel on for six to eight hours. You should continue receiving regular care rather than keep things quiet.
  • You will need to see the dentist again for the last portion of the treatment.

In summary

Here’s some professional guidance to help you maintain your flawless teeth for a very long time:

For at least two to three months, cut back on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. Continue going to your walk-in dental clinic in houston TX, for routine scaling and polishing. Double a day, brush and floss your teeth. To ensure that nothing terrible remains in your mouth overnight, try applying a neutral mouthwash before bed.

Last but not least, teeth whitening is a temporary fix. You’ll need to properly care for your teeth and oral hygiene to maintain it.