Trips are great–they allow you to see new places, try new food, meet new people, learn new things and even get a chance to relax and unwind. What more if you’re given the luxury of time? Now that would be simply heavenly!

Most trips usually take around 2-3 days for many reasons, but one of the most common is cost. Trips are pretty expensive especially when it comes to accommodations. But a great way to ease up on the spending during the trip is to stay in accommodations suited for your travelling needs.

A great example would be–if you’re going on a long trip consider staying in accommodations that are ideal for long-term stays. This is because places offering long-term stays are much cheaper per night than typical hotel rates.

So if you’re going on a long trip anytime soon, consider these accommodations perfect for long-term stays:

1 – Vacation rentals through booking websites!

Due to the growth of vacation rental choices made possible by websites like, Airbnb and more, getaways have been made easier. The options are as varied as the locations themselves, ranging from luxurious villas with views of gorgeous coastlines to comfortable flats tucked away in vibrant city centres.

Being able to select from a wide variety of lodging options, such as homes, villas, apartments, and flats allows visitors to customise their stay to precisely suit their needs. Apart from being in a handy location, these rentals provide all the amenities of a home, including laundry rooms, fully functional kitchens, parking and fast Wi-Fi. This makes for a smooth and pleasant visit, even for longer stays.

2 – Apartment rentals: Connect with the community

Travellers looking for an authentic experience can explore a world of options by renting an apartment via local rental agencies, and internet platforms. These alternatives, which go beyond the conventional hotel offers, let guests fully engage with the community and learn about the daily routines of the place they have selected.

Also, a lot of landlords accommodate the demands of tourists by offering completely furnished apartments for short-term leases, which are perfect for people who want to remain for a longer period. Frequently, these lodging options provide all the comforts of home, including fully functional kitchens and comfortable living spaces, enabling visitors to unwind and fully immerse themselves in their stay.

3 – Extended stay hotels: Home away from home option!

For travellers on lengthy work assignments or long trips, extended-stay hotels and serviced apartments offer a customised lodging choice. These accommodations, which combine comfort, convenience, and flexibility, are designed especially to meet the requirements of visitors who are planning longer stays, in contrast to traditional hotels.

The idea of providing a “home away from home” experience is the foundation of both extended-stay hotels and serviced flats. Wide living spaces that surpass the typical hotel room size welcome guests and provide plenty of space to spread out, work, and relax.

The fully functional kitchens at extended-stay hotels and serviced apartments enable visitors to cook meals exactly like they would at home. This is one of their best advantages as well as furnished living rooms, bedrooms and laundry facilities.

4 – Corporate Housing for business trips!

Corporate housing companies provide completely equipped homes or flats for professionals moving for work, students on long-term assignments, and business travellers. These lodgings frequently include with cleaning, utilities, and extras like swimming pools or fitness centres.

5 – Hostels for adventurous travellers!

If you’re an adventurous traveller, this is one to consider. Known for their sense of community, hostels have developed to accommodate a wide variety of visitors. Visitors including those looking for longer stays or a little more seclusion while travelling. Although the classic dorm-style lodging is still a mainstay of the hostel experience, many facilities also include private rooms or longer stay alternatives, giving visitors more comfort and freedom.

Hostels provide an alluring substitute for more conventional hotel choices for tourists who intend to remain for a longer period. By having the opportunity to reserve private rooms, visitors may take advantage of the cost and communal environment of hostels. As well as the seclusion and personal space typically linked with hotels or serviced apartments. These private rooms frequently have en suite toilets and other facilities, which enhance the comfort and convenience of the stay.

Long trips don’t have to be costly!

So steer clear of hotels and expensive resorts when going on a long trip and consider these options! Also, think about things like location, cost, facilities, security, and ease of access to transportation and other necessities when selecting long-term housing. Reading reviews and getting in touch with the hosts or property owners in advance may also assist in guaranteeing a relaxing and pleasurable visit.