With the ongoing recruitment scenario globally, it has become essential for companies to have a flexible and seamless recruitment process. Traditional interview methods are gone in the past and hiring managers need to up their recruiting efforts. Opting for pre-recorded video interview is going to offer convenience, efficiency and results. 


However, businesses might not know how to leverage this advanced interviewing method into their hiring process. In this blog, we will discuss the best practices for conducting pre-recorded video interviews. 

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews: 5 Best Practices 

Here are some best practices to implement one-way video interviews in your organizations. By following these, you can leverage the power of recorded video interviews without any hassle. 

Define the Interview Process

It is important to state the steps of the interview process before starting the interview. Provide detailed instructions on how the pre-recorded video interview will be conducted, including the platform to be used, the duration of each response, and any specific requirements. 

Choosing the Right Interview Platform

Do your research and opt for a reliable and user-friendly platform for conducting the interviews. The platform should support high-quality video recording, provide a seamless user experience, and offer AI features. Go for a video interview software that offers recorded interviews as well for future convenience. 

Use Customized Questions

Even though you can generate questions using AI, it would be beneficial to customize them based on the role. Depending on the requirements, customized questions help you gauge the candidates’ technical skills effectively. Specific questions can be set in pre-recorded video interviews according to the role, which can later be assessed by the recruiter. 


Provide Feedback After Interviews

After the interview process, offer real feedback to candidates. This practice enhances the candidate experience and helps build a positive employer brand. Feedback should be specific, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. By doing so, the communication channel remains active, and the candidate feels acknowledged, leaving a positive impression on the candidate. 

Offer Candidates Flexibility

When going for AI interviews, provide candidates with the flexibility to appear for interviews at their convenience. Pre-recorded interviews do not require tools like interview scheduling software, as the need for interview scheduling is eliminated. This allows the candidate to appear in interviews at their convenience, promoting a positive brand image. 

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Summing Up

Pre-recorded interviews are the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. If you are looking to elevate your hiring process, then these interviews can make a big difference because of the various benefits they offer. Through this blog, you now have an idea of how to conduct these interviews for the best results and benefit from them.