There are many aspects to consider when buying vitamin B12 supplements. If a medical professional has advised that you take them:

1- Supplement form

  • The many forms of supplementation of vitamin B12 consist of sprays, pills, gummies, liquids, and chewable tablets.
  • Pick a type of form that is easy to use each day.

2- Vitamin B12 type

  • While it’s been reported that the active vitamin B12, called methyl cobalamin, is more absorbable than synthetic versions, the research isn’t able to prove a significant difference.
  • Consider taking Vitamin B12 tablets.

3- Cost

  • Since the price per portion can vary greatly for different products, consider which one can fit into the budget you have set.

4- Quality

  • It’s also recommended to choose a product that has been tested independently to ensure that it’s been tested for contaminants, heavy metals and accuracy on the label.

Top 5 Famous Vitamin B12 Tablets in Pakistan

Let us now talk about the well-known vitamin B12 tablets that are available throughout Pakistan.

1- Care/of Vitamin B12

The customized daily vitamin packs will be delivered directly to your doorstep by the vitamin and supplements business Care/, which operates on subscription-based models.

The product’s vitamin B12 is gluten-free, non-GMO and is suitable for vegetarians. It also states that all of its products have been independently examined for contamination as well as heavy metals as well as purity.


  • Tested by a third-party
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Convenient daily packs
  • Gluten-free


  • requires a subscription
  • It might only be appropriate for some users due to the large dose.

Additional Details on Care/of Vitamin B12

  • Form- Capsule
  • Vitamin B12 type vitamin B12 Methyl cobalamin, Adenosyl cobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin
  • Dose: 250 mcg

How much is the centrum tablet price in Pakistan?

The cost of centrum tablet price in Pakistan is around Rs. 8,000-10,000/-

2- HUM Nutrition B12 Turbo

In order to cater to vegan diets, HUM Nutrition B12 Turbo was specifically designed. Another nutrient that could be difficult to obtain sufficient quantities of when eating vegan diets is calcium. The supplement is provided in smaller quantities.

HUM Nutrition B12 Turbo has gone through independent tests and is gluten-free, non-GMO and free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. It also comes with specialized advice from a registered dietitian when you purchase the product as an ongoing subscription.


  • Tested by a third-party
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Dietitian access is included in the membership.


  • Low calcium dose
  • A dose of vitamin B12 that is high that might not be suitable

Other Information on HUM Nutrition B12 Turbo

  • Form- Tablet
  • Vitamin B12 type- Methylcobalamin
  • Dose: 1,000 mcg

What’s the price for centrum multivitamin price in Pakistan?

The cost of centrum multivitamin price in Pakistan is Rs.8,000-9,000 per month.

3- OLLY Daily Energy Gummy

A highly-rated B12-based supplement called OLLY daily energy gummy is made up of goji berry extract and Coenzyme Q10.

This supplement has the synthetic chemical cyanocobalamin. It is a form of vitamin B12 frequently utilized for treating vitamin B12 deficiencies, in contrast to many supplements listed on our list.

It is OLLY Daily Energy Gummy, free of gluten, and is certified as a third party by NSF. Gummies with the Tropical Passion flavor contain the sweetness of orange juice, beet sugar and glucose syrup to sweeten them.


  • NSF-certified
  • The form that is gummy, which could be less objectionable
  • Certified gluten-free
  • A pleasant taste


  • There is not enough research to justify the benefits of goji fruit as well as CoQ10 in enhancing levels of energy.
  • Every serving contains 2 grams of sugar added.
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • It is a type of B12, a synthetic vitamin.

Other Information on the Daily Energy gummy from OLLY

  • Form- Gummy
  • Vitamin B12 type- Cyanocobalamin
  • Dose: 300 mcg

What’s the cost for OLLY daily energy gummi from Pakistan?

The cost for OLLY Daily Energy Gummy in Pakistan is Rs.12,000-13,000

4- NOW Foods Methyl B-12

The NOW Foods Methyl-B-12 tablets can be a good alternative to capsules. Tablets are placed on your tongue. It is left to melt rather than being consumed.

Tablets that are vegan-friendly have been produced in factories that are certified by UL Solutions, an independent organization that validates secure methods of production.

All the company’s supplements have been tested by a third party for purity and effectiveness, According to NOW Foods.

While they are not flavorful, the Foods Methyl-B-12 lozenges are now unflavored and not flavoured. They’re sweetened with fructose as well as sorbitol. Both are an alcohol that is similar to sugar.


  • Certified by UL Solutions
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable


  • It does contain sugar and alcohol, and some may prefer not to consume it.

Additional Information about NOW Foods Methyl-B-12

  • Form- Lozenge
  • Vitamin B12 type- Methyl cobalamin
  • Dose: 1,000 mcg

What’s the cost for NOW the Foods Methyl-B-12 brand in Pakistan?

The cost for NOW Foods Methyl B-12 in Pakistan is around Rs. 8,500-9,000/-

5- Nature Made B12 Softens

One of the most affordable priced options in our selection includes Nature Made B12 Softens. Quality and purity are the main considerations for the soft gels that have been certified by the USP.

The soft gels are 10 per cent of the DV for calcium, and they contain no gluten. Keep in mind that this product isn’t recommended for people following vegetarian or vegan diets since the product contains beeswax and gelatin.


  • USP-verified
  • Affordable
  • It is easy to locate
  • Gluten-free


  • Not vegetarian-friendly
  • It has a very high amount of that might only be appropriate for some people.
  • It could not be appropriate for individuals with kidney problems.

Additional Information about Nature Made B12 Softgels

  • Form- Softgel
  • Vitamin B12 type- Cyanocobalamin
  • Dose: 1,000 mcg

What’s the cost for Nature Made B12 Softgels in Pakistan?

The cost of Nature Made B12 Softgels in Pakistan is around Rs. 12,000-13,000/-

Ending Notes

Numerous food products derived from animals, including meat and dairy products, have the essential vitamin B12 in tiny amounts.

Vitamin b12 tablets in Pakistan could be beneficial to certain populations, such as those who are vegans or have a greater chance of developing vitamin B12 insufficiency.

It is important to pick B12 supplements that meet the requirements of your diet and personal preferences while shopping to purchase one. It is a good idea to pick a supplement which an independent lab has tested to ensure purity and potency.

See a doctor before taking any supplement to make sure that you’re picking the correct supplement and dosage. Schedule appointments with your nutrition expert via Marham today.

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