The CBSE is all set to release the Class 12 Math Sample Papers for the Board Exams of the academic year 2024-25 shortly on its official website. Students will be able to download these sample papers directly from this page, available in a year-wise PDF format along with detailed solutions to aid in their preparation.

The sample paper is based on the most recent Class 12 Math Syllabus and guidelines that the CBSE has released for this academic year.

To help in effective preparation, the Class 12 Math Question paper is an important resource. Here you will get insights into the Maths Sample Paper Class 12th 2024-25, highlighting its importance and structure.

Importance of Mathematics Class 12th : 

Class 12th Mathematics lays a foundation of higher education in fields like engineering, computer science, and economics. Learning Math improves problem-solving and logical thinking skills, which are useful in everyday life.  A strong grip on this subject is needed to be a part of the competitive exams like Jee(mains),Jee(advanced), CUET and other entrance tests. Understanding mathematics helps students think clearly and solve tough problems, which prepares them for future challenges.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Sample Papers With Solutions:

The official website of CBSE offers a free download of the Class 12 Mathematics Sample Paper 2025 in PDF format with Solutions. Additionally, the students can assess their success by comparing their responses with the offered solutions. Before the test, students can use the sample paper as a revision to help them go over key ideas and subjects again. Along with the marking scheme and answers for every question, the sample paper offers crucial advice on how to do well on the exam.

Details About the CBSE Mathematics Exams 2025

Subject: Mathematics

Time: 3 hours 

Max. Marks: 100 Marks

Theory paper: 80 Marks

Internal assessment: 20 Marks

General Instructions:

  1. All questions carry equal marks.
  2. There is no negative marking.

Exam Pattern of Class 12 Mathematics 2024-25

Understanding the exam pattern is important for better preparation. The Class 12 Math Question Paper typically follows this structure:

  • Section A: Multiple Choice Questions: There are 20 Multiple Choice Questions are present each carrying 1 mark. 
  • Section B: Very Short Answer Questions (VSAQs): These questions require students to write concise answers, there are 5 Very Short Answer questions each carrying 2 marks.
  • Section C: Short Answer Questions (SAQs): There are a total of six short answer type questions carrying 3 marks each. 
  • Section D: Long Answer type questions: There are a total of four Questions carrying 5 marks each. 
  • Section E: Case-based questions: There are three questions containing 4 marks each.

Class 12 Sample Paper Biology Unit- wise Marks Weightage

All Units Marks Allocated
Relations and Functions 08
Algebra 10
Calculus 35
Vectors and Three–Dimensional Geometry 14
Linear Programming 05
Probability 08

Why are Class 12 Mathematics Sample Papers the best resource for the 2025 board exam?

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Breakdown of CBSE Class 12 Maths Syllabus: Unit-wise

Understanding the syllabus is important for better preparation, it will make you familiar with the course content. The CBSE Class 12 Maths book contains Six units. 

Here is a brief overview of the syllabus: 

Unit 1: Relations and Functions

It includes relations and functions, and Inverse trigonometric functions, including Types of relations, one-to-one and onto functions, and graphs of inverse trigonometric functions, this unit carries eight marks in the question paper. 

Unit 2: Algebra

Algebra contains concepts of matrices, Types of matrices, Determinants, determinants of a square matrix, minors, and co-factors. This unit has 10 marks in the Class 12 Maths Question Papers. 

Unit 3: Calculus 

Calculus is an important unit carrying the most marks weightage in the question paper, it has a total of 35 marks weightage and includes some major topics like Continuity and differentiability, applications of derivatives, integrals, Applications of Integrals, and differential equations. Having a strong understanding of this unit is very important to excel in the exam. 

Unit 4: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry 

It explores Vectors and Scalars, magnitudes, directions, and types of vectors including direction cosines, Cartesian Equations, and distance between two angles. The unit Carries 14 marks weightage in the exam.

Unit 5: Linear Programming 

Linear Programming carries a total of five marks weightage in the exam, key topics are feasible and infeasible regions, Objective functions, and graphical methods of Solutions for problems in two variables. 

Unit 6: Probability 

Probability contains eight marks in the question paper and includes topics like multiplication theorem on Probability, Bayes’ Theorem, Independent events, random variables, and its probability distribution. 

Why should you solve Class XII Mathematics Sample Paper ?

The CBSE Class 12 Math Sample Paper is not just a collection of questions but an essential tool to excel in the board exams. It helps students to: 

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern: Getting familiar with the exam structure, marking scheme, and type of questions, helps in boosting Confidence. 
  2. Time Management: CBSE Sample Paper Maths Class 12 helps manage time effectively to ensure students can complete the paper within the given time. 
  3. Increased Confidence:  Regular practice boosts confidence, reducing exam stress and anxiety. 
  4. Enhanced Understanding: Students should understand how to approach and answer twisted and different types of questions.
  5. Self Assessment: Evaluate their preparation level and identify areas that need more focus. 

Tips For Solving 12 Class Maths Question Paper 

To score well in the Class 12 Mathematics board exam, students can adopt the following study tips for better preparation: 

  • Read questions carefully: Take time to understand what is being asked before attempting to answer.
  • Start with Easy questions: Answer the questions you are confident about first to secure those marks. 
  • Step-wise answering is advised: Even if you get the final answer wrong, partial marks can be awarded for the correct steps.

Advantages of 12th Class Maths Sample paper

This sample paper covers every topic and concept in Mathematics. The other advantages are: 

  • There are a variety of question styles in the sample paper, including multiple-choice, very short answer, short answer, long answer, and case study-based questions. 
  • Along with the marking scheme and answers for every question, the sample paper offers crucial advice on how to do well on the exam.

How to use the Mathematics Sample Paper Class 12th for With Solution:

After downloading these files, students can prepare for the Board exams in a smarter way. Sample Papers provide an idea of the:

  • paper pattern used for the current year, along with proper marks distribution;
  • important topics or questions that may be asked in the exams; and
  • new types of questions added in the pattern as per the latest CBSE guidelines.


The CBSE Class 12 Board exam is the end of school life but it also opens doors to various future careers. Preparing for the Class 12 Board exam is essential for students and one of the most crucial Subjects is Mathematics.