Maintaining a beautiful garden entails more than just planting flowers and keeping your garden healthy. It’s about incorporating aspects that reflect your style while also improving the overall condition of your outside space. One of the most successful ways to accomplish this is by including bspoke garden fountains. Geoff’s Garden Ornaments excels in creating unique garden fountains that are tailored to your exact preferences along needs.

 The Charm of Bespoke Garden Fountains

A self-designed garden fountain will be much more than a water feature, but a statement piece. Being the designer, you can choose from any design and finish that is available, to fit perfectly to your current garden exterior. Whether it’s a classic tiered fountain or a modern basin type, we can create one that fits in with your outdoor space.

 Benefits of Bespoke Garden Fountains

  • Personalization: Custom-made to reflect your style.
  • Distinctive Designs: Every personalized fountain is unique.
  • Excellent Craftsmanship: constructed from premium supplies.
  • Added Aesthetic Appeal: Improves the overall appearance of your garden.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Geoffs Garden Ornaments delivers a wide variety of options for customizing your distinct garden fountain. You can pick from a range of color selections as well as combinations that will match your garden’s theme. If you don’t find the color you like best listed, please call us and we’ll be pleased to explain your options along with price information.

 Customization Options

  • Color Choices: Available in various shades to suit your garden decor.
  • Design Variations: From classic tiered designs to modern, sleek fountains.
  • Material Selection: High-quality materials for durability and aesthetics.

Range of Fountain Designs

We have a variety of designs in our collection, so there is enough to fit every taste and gardening style. So, whether you appreciate the grandeur of tiered fountains or prefer more contemporary designs, we have what you’re seeking.

 Popular Designs

  • 3 Tiered Fountains: Perfect for adding a touch of classic elegance to your garden.
  • 2 Tiered Fountains: A more compact option that still offers a stunning visual impact.
  • Modern Fountains: Sleek, contemporary designs for a minimalist look.
  • Garden Sculptures: Enhance your garden with artistic sculptures that double as water features.

Creating an Above-Ground Koi Pond

If you are looking to add a unique water feature, then an above ground koi pond is the flawless choice. Not only will these ponds house your lovely koi fish but they also make a tremendously striking showcase in your garden. We may integrate our Bespoke Garden Fountains within your koi pond design.

3 tiered edwardian fountain romford pool surround

 Pros of an Above-Ground Koi Pond

Above-ground ponds are effortless to install along maintain.

Visual Appeal: This brings a dynamic touch to your garden.

Koi Habitat: Offers a safe and pleasant environment for koi fish.


At Geoff’s Garden Ornaments, we think that your garden should be a direct reflection of what you like, and how you live your life. Our Bespoke Garden Fountains allow you to create your unique impression on your surroundings – creating a separate, aesthetic environment that is entirely yours for years to come. With many designs, colors, and custom-made options available – there is a bespoke product for everyone. Explore our collection today and discover the art of personalization with our stunning Bespoke Garden Fountains.