Most people that we know don’t know very much about their cars. They just know that if it breaks down or something happens, they have to take it to the shop or a service centre to get the issues fixed and follow a proper maintenance routine. However, when it comes to a car exhaust system, a lot of people do not have any idea about how it works or how to tell if their exhaust system has any serious issues.

Most exhaust problems, though can be diagnosed by listening out for any unfamiliar voices or a visual check of the car. While we understand not everyone can grasp the basics of a car exhaust system, what they can do is scroll below and find more about the signs and symptoms that their exhaust system is not working well and requires exhaust repair services in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Common Exhaust System Issues

The vehicle car exhaust system is a very important part of it as it expels harmful pollutants away from the engine as well as the inside of a car. If a single part of the car exhaust system is compromised or broken, it can affect the whole system and lead to shutdown immediately. Problems with a car exhaust system can put the car owner in severe danger, so if they notice any symptoms, it is important to get them checked early by a professional. Keeping in mind, here are a few symptoms that can be an indication of an Exhaust Repair Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Exhaust Leaks

If there are any strange smells like burning or a gas leak coming from your car, it can be an indication that there are problems with your exhaust system. Any weird smells can indicate that the gasket of the exhaust system has failed and the burning smell is a result of the heat from the exhaust gases leaking into your engine basin. These leaks can also cause the plastic parts and the wiring of your resource system to burn.

Rusted or Corroded Components

If there is any visible rust on your car, it can lead to a grave danger if not taken care of properly. If you’re not a frequent traveller and only use your car for short trips, your exhaust system is more likely to rust and have corroded components. This is because short trips allow the water to collect but not hot enough to evaporate. If there are water droplets sitting in one place, they can eventually cause rusting due to longer periods and ruin your exhaust system.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Most vehicles nowadays have oxygen sensors, and if one of them stops working, your car may be confused and indicate that there is a serious problem. However, it is not as serious as it looks like, but it is important to follow proper replacement of the sensor, or quickly get the existing sensor fixed to avoid any serious issues with the exhaust.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

The Catalytic converter of your exhaust system works to pump out toxic exhaust fumes and turn them into less harmful gases. If the catalytic converter becomes clogged or blocked due to any reason, you may start noticing smelly issues with your car, like the smell of rotten eggs or the floor of your car turning warmer than usual. These are the indications of a blocked catalytic converter, so it is suggested to get that checked at the earliest.

When to Seek Professional Help

While minor exhaust system issues can be easily fixed with basic tools and mechanical knowledge, there are a lot of errors or issues that may require professional attention. So if you’re confused about how you will differentiate between these errors, here is what you should look out for –



Persistent Check Engine Light:


if the check engine light on your car remains on, it can be an indication that there is something wrong with your exhaust system and it needs immediate attention.


Strange Noises


another indication of a damaged exhaust system can be unusual sounds such as loud exhaust noises, rattling, hissing or squeaky noises coming from your car engine. As soon as you hear any of these sounds, you should get your car checked by a professional at the earliest to identify the source of it and get the problem fixed.


Smell of Gas or Exhaust


if there is any smell of gasoline or a gas leak inside your vehicle, it can be a serious safety concern and should be inspected by a technician or a mechanic at the earliest.


Visible Damage


if there are any visible damages to your exhaust system, such as any holes, severe rust, or any loose parts, you should rush to your nearest mechanic and get this problem fixed.

Wrapping Up

Your car exhaust system is crucial for the performance, fuel efficiency and the environmental protection. By following the guide above, you can easily understand the common issues with an exhaust system and seek a professional to keep your car running smoothly and safely. Regular maintenance and repairs, not only prolong the life of your exhaust system but also ensure a quieter and more present driving experience.