Line marking has been recognized as a universal mode of non-verbal communication that can be used to direct the flow of vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Proper line markings on roads and parking lots can help avert a number of accidents and help in smooth flow of traffic.

Line marking is perhaps one of the greatest solutions when it comes to different sorts of line marking. It creates lines that are long-lasting and effective in catching the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

Line Marking


Get It Done By A Reputable Company With Enough Experience

Many contractors in Australia can lay down lines on road, but cold applied plastic line marking requires special expertise and experience. The solution that has to be applied depends on a lot of factors like the type of surface, the colour you want the lines to be and the weather conditions.

An experienced contractor will be able to apply perfect lines for shopping centres, supermarket parking lots or even major car or bike lanes. Signs like arrows, symbols, numbers and letterings, dividing lines or pedestrian crossing signs are common and can be easily applied by trained professionals.

By choosing the right contractor you will be able to rest assured that the correct signs will be laid down and that the signs are drawn according to standards. Choosing the right contractor will also ensure that the line markings are durable and lasts for a long time. Since cold applied plastic line marking can withstand most weather conditions and require minimum maintenance, most reputable contractors will provide guarantee on their work and will also carry out the necessary maintenance if you want.

Find The Right Contractor For The Job

You can ask for local contractors who are good at cold applied plastic line marking. If you are unable to get any good recommendations, you can always look online. There are many companies who do a decent job and also charge reasonably. You can shortlist a few companies in your area and then check out their work. You can also visit their social media handle and see how their existing customers rate them. You can read the different reviews and comments on their webpage.

You may easily visit some of their job sites to see how good they are because cold applied plastic line marking is frequently done outside. Pictures can be deceiving, and you can gauge how good a contractor is by visiting the site after it has been operational for a few months or years. Cold applied plastic line marking should, in theory, last a long period. Visiting the job site and inspecting a contractor’s work firsthand is the best approach to evaluate if they are right for the job.

When these lines are done by trained professional line marking contractor they can last up to 5 years. It is a cost-effective method that produces lines that have high visibility both during day and night. They appear bright and glowing under vehicle’s headlamps helping motorists to see them clearly and in turn stick to the instructions marked on the road. By opting for ‘all-weather’ cold applied plastic line marking, you can ensure that the markings will be visible in any weather conditions especially during rainy nights when chances of accidents are highest.

Line Marking


Line marking quality has been proven to be a reliable and cost-effective road marking method on both domestic and international highways. As a high skid resistance pavement marking, the product is utilized on roadways and dual use paths. It works well on concrete floors as well. Spraying or rolling can be used to apply it