Unlock the true value of SMSF property finance solutions

When borrowers find a property but need the right SMSF loan funding, they often find home loan brokers out of their depth. Fortunately, Global Commercial Capital’s (GCC) experts, industry-leading technology and extensive network of lenders can help borrowers find the optimum way forward.

When it comes to Self-Managed Super Fund loans (SMSF) you need experts who understand and who deliver maximum benefit and peace of mind to you. At GCC, we are the perfect partner for borrowers, thanks to our experience, unique technology and unrivalled, direct access to all Australian lenders currently offering SMSF loans. This means not only the banks, but also private non-bank lenders, which puts the choice and the power back in our client’s hands.

Get Full Market Access with GCC

GCC’s complete market coverage offers direct access to each lender currently offering SMSF loans in Australia, gathering a range of options for consideration not only from banks, but also from private, non-bank lenders. This enables a thorough and full analysis of the pros, cons and competitive advantages of each lender, meaning investors are endowed with the information needed to make fully informed and optimal decisions. Our expert support and knowledge ensures clients make decisions that will best suit their financial situation, Commercial Property Smsf Finance needs and their retirement goals.

SMSF Loans – Opportunities:

SMSF Residential Property Loans

SMSF Residential Property loan applicants can borrow up to 80% LVR on terms of up to 30 years

SMSF Commercial Property Loans

  • SMSF Commercial property loans can be approved for up to 75% LVR with a term of up to 20 years

SMSF Property Investment Loan

  • The returns on the investment are funneled back into the super fund, increasing your retirement savings.

SMSF Rural Property Loans can be approved for up to 65% LVR on terms of up to 20 years

  • SMSF can buy a rural property from a related party at market value, even if a member, or another related party of the fund, lives on the property. It also means that once the SMSF has acquired the property, it can be leased to a related party of the fund at market rates without breaching the rules.

SMSF Finance Interest Only

  • Interest only is available for all facility types with varying terms available.

Whether you are purchasing residential investment property, commercial investment property or rural property, we have the technology to find the most competitive loans to meet your requirements.