Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. isn’t just another Greek-letter organization. It’s a movement—a force with over a century of impact, driven by a sense of purpose. Since its founding in 1913, this sorority has inspired countless women and reshaped the communities they live in. Let’s take a journey into the history of Delta Sigma Theta, its distinct symbols, and why it still captivates so many.

The Founding

Delta Sigma Theta’s story begins on January 13, 1913, at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The founders, 22 trailblazing women led by Myra Davis Hemmings, wanted more than a social club. They envisioned a sisterhood with a commitment to public service and academic excellence. This was no small feat—these women were making history during a time when racial and gender discrimination were rampant. But they pressed on, establishing a sorority built on scholarship, service, and activism.

Just months after their formation, the sorority made a bold statement by participating in the Woman Suffrage March in Washington, D.C. They advocated for women’s rights, demonstrating the spirit that would become synonymous with Delta Sigma Theta. From that point, their influence spread far beyond Howard’s campus.

The Symbols and DST Paraphernalia

Crimson and cream. These colors are more than just a fashion choice for Delta Sigma Theta—they’re a badge of honor, representing courage and purity. When you see someone wearing those colors or the Greek letters “ΔΣΘ,” you know they’re part of a legacy of strength and perseverance.

Another symbol, the pyramid, encapsulates the sorority’s core ideals. It’s a nod to the solid foundation that Delta Sigma Theta stands on, as well as the growth and development of its members. You’ll find these symbols on everything from clothing to wholesale fashion jewelry, proudly displayed as a testament to the sorority’s enduring spirit.

Why the Sorority has Such Staying Power

What makes Delta Sigma Theta so enduring? For starters, there’s its storied history. The founders’ dedication to social justice and community service resonates with women who want to change the world. It’s more than just joining a club—it’s about becoming part of a legacy.

Then there’s the sisterhood. The bond among members runs deep, and it often lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s working on community projects or attending national conventions, Delta women form connections that go far beyond college. These relationships are a big part of why the sorority continues to attract new members.

Personal growth is another key draw. Delta Sigma Theta provides opportunities for leadership and development that can open doors professionally. From scholarships to career networking, the sorority supports its members in ways that go beyond the campus.

Community Service

Community service isn’t just a buzzword for Delta Sigma Theta—it’s the heart of the sorority’s mission. The sorority’s “Five-Point Programmatic Thrust” guides its activities, focusing on economic development, educational development, international awareness, physical and mental health, and political awareness. These aren’t just abstract concepts—they’re real issues that Delta women tackle head-on.

Through various initiatives, the sorority makes a tangible impact. Health and wellness programs, educational scholarships, and voter registration drives are just a few examples of how Delta Sigma Theta contributes to the community. This commitment to service is a big part of what keeps the sorority relevant.

What to Expect when Joining

Thinking about joining Delta Sigma Theta? It’s a process, but a rewarding one. To become a member, you need to align with the sorority’s values and demonstrate a commitment to service and scholarship.

It starts with informational meetings, where you learn about the sorority’s history and mission. If you’re interested, the next step is applying and going through interviews. The goal is to ensure that new members are a good fit for the sorority’s culture. If you’re accepted, there’s an initiation ceremony to officially welcome you into the sisterhood.

And it doesn’t end there. Membership in Delta Sigma Theta is a lifelong journey. There are alumnae chapters that keep members connected and engaged in service. This extended network is a valuable resource, offering mentorship, career connections, and enduring friendships.

Final Thoughts

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has shaped the world in profound ways. From its origins at Howard University to its global reach, the sorority has stayed true to its mission while evolving with the times. Whether it’s through its distinct symbols, strong sisterhood, or community service, Delta Sigma Theta continues to inspire and empower women.

If you’re considering joining, take some time to explore the sorority’s history and values. Becoming a Delta is a commitment, but it’s also an opportunity to be part of something much bigger—a legacy of women dedicated to making a difference, one step at a time.