Looking for the best bike under 60000 rupees in India? Performance, style, and price are all combined in a number of amazing solutions that are perfect for anyone trying to get the most out of their purchase, be they weekend adventurers, daily commuters, or budget conscious. Find the best options that suit your lifestyle and budget. All set to go? Let BforBiker help you find the ideal bike right now!

Hero HF Deluxe

The Hero HF Deluxe skillfully combines cutting-edge technology with a traditional design. This commuter bike, which weighs 110 kg (Kick start) or 112 kg (Self-start), is lightweight and easy to handle because of its cushioned seat and upright riding position.

Modern technologies like an idle stop-start system and an engine cut-off button on the commuter bike improve rideability without sacrificing convenience.

The analogue instrument cluster, which includes a speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge, provides real-time information. Halogen lighting ensures clear visibility, and an optional USB charger allows passengers to charge their phones while in transit. The bike’s appeal is enhanced by the black accent hue.

The Bajaj Platina 100 and Honda Shine 100 are the Hero HF Deluxe’s primary rivals in the competitive market, and each has unique advantages.

HF Deluxe Black and Accent: Rs. 59,998 (Ex-showroom price, Delhi)

Hero HF 100

The Hero HF 100 remains among India’s best bike under 60000 rupees because of its incredible features and comfort. Due to their comparable features and designs, the Hero HF Deluxe and the HF 100 are frequently contrasted; nonetheless, the HF 100 is unique in that it combines state-of-the-art technology with fashionable design.

This commuter bike’s lightweight design and padded seat allow for an upright and comfortable riding stance. Its minimalistic visuals and emblem draw attention to its elegant look.

The Hero HF 100 is a fantastic replacement for your regular commute because it comes in striking colour combinations like Red Black and Blue Black.

The Hero HF 100 commuter does not sacrifice safety in order to be the most affordable in its class. It has a side-stand engine cut-off and a mechanism that cuts the engine in the event of a fall. By improving fuel efficiency, the XSENS FI Technology makes rides more pleasurable and productive while also accelerating pickup and power.

The Hero HF 100’s competitors are the Bajaj Platina 100, TVS Sport, and TVS Radeon, each of which has a unique set of characteristics and advantages.

HF 100 Drum Kick Cast: Rs. 59,018 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

TVS Sport Self Start (ES)

The TVS Sport with its Self Start (ES) option promises 15% more mileage and a more modern appearance thanks to its cutting-edge ETFi technology. When combined with an econometer, this innovation ensures better rideability and fuel efficiency.

The all-gear electric start on this semi-sporty commuter makes pickup easy and quick. For added safety, it also features a synchronised braking system that delivers strong, quick stops. The eye-catching colour selections of the new TVS Sport Self Start (ES), which include Starlight Blue, All Grey, All Black, and All Red, enhance its visual appeal.

Thanks to its sleek appearance and striking 3D symbol, the TVS Sport Self Start (ES) is a highly identifiable vehicle on the road with its 109.7 cc engine.

The TVS Sport Self Start (ES) is comparable to other popular commuters such as the Hero HF 100, Honda Shine 100, Hero Splendor Plus, and Bajaj CT110X.

TVS Sport Self Start (ES): Rs. 59,881 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)


Every bike listed above costs less than 60000 rupees and offers a number of practical features and ergonomic benefits to enable riders on a tight budget make an informed decision. Hero HF Deluxe and HF 100 commuters’ compact size, excellent peak speed, and mileage make daily commuting simple and effective. However, the TVS Sport Self Start stands out because to its cutting-edge bodywork and modern appearance.

All of the 100cc bike under 60000 rupees in India strike a compromise between user preference and price while maintaining efficiency and safety.