The loss of a cherished pet is a very sensitive and intimate event. Our furry friends become our beloved family members and their departure leaves a huge void. It’s crucial to find ways to console and sympathize during this difficult period.

Providing Unique Pet Loss Sympathy Gifts

It is where Pet Perennials come into play. Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional and considerate customer pet sympathy gifts and customer pet memorial gifts that surpass the ordinary. In contrast to conventional pet loss gifts such as fresh flowers or flower arrangements, our products provide a permanent remembrance that honors the unique relationship between a pet and its parent.

Memorable and Unique Pet Loss Gifts

We provide a carefully curated selection of gifts to help grieving pet owners find solace and create lasting memories. Each gift is intended to recognize the love and companionship shared with a pet.

Memorial Garden Kits: Creating Lasting Memories

Among the most unique and meaningful gifts we offer, we have a Memorial Garden Kit. With this DIY memorial gardening kit, pet parents can make a stunning and enduring wildflower garden in their beloved pet’s memory. You can craft heart- or pawprint-shaped wildflower seed wafers for a personalized touch. It’s about making a space for remembering, not merely sowing seed wafers. The wildflowers will bloom yearly as a living memorial to a cherished furry friend with minimum maintenance.


Memorial gardens can be found in various places, including parks, cemeteries, and private homes. They can be as straightforward or elaborate as desired, making them a beautiful way to commemorate a pet’s life. The benefits of a garden in memory of your pet are numerous. In addition to providing a place to grieve and remember, it can also be a place for children to play with other animals, teaching them about loss and death. Connecting with other pet owners who have lost their beloved pets is another benefit of private and public memorial gardens.

Butterfly Blessings Keepsake Candle with Butterfly Keychain

Another unique memorial gift is our Butterfly Blessings Keepsake Candle. This candle blends the soothing aroma of essential oils with a symbolic butterfly charm. The butterfly, a universal symbol of transformation, can bring comfort and hope during this difficult time. A Feng-Shui butterfly stone keychain with a message of strength and good fortune is revealed as the candle burns, giving this thoughtful gift a uniquely personalized touch.

Pet Loss Sympathy Card & Memorial Decal

The most meaningful effects can occasionally come from minimal actions. With our Pet Loss Sympathy Card & Memorial Decal combo, you can send a personalized sympathy card with a heartfelt condolence message. The vinyl decal with the package offers a durable tribute that can be placed on a laptop, car window, or other smooth surface.

Support for Pet-Centric Businesses

We are aware that pet loss has an impact on businesses that provide care for pets as well as pet owners. Veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, dog daycare providers, and kennel owners frequently form strong relationships with their patrons and cherished pets. When a client experiences the loss of a pet, these businesses can offer a powerful gesture of support by sending our pet loss sympathy gifts.

Gift Perks Program

Our free Gift Perks account is to make this process easy and affordable for pet-centric businesses. To get your business registered, visit our website and fill out the registration Form. Your business will unlock discounted pricing on pet loss gift packages. These packages can be customized with a personalized sympathy card message, and Pet Perennials takes care of everything—from gift wrapping to shipping directly to the client’s house. Register for Gift Perks.


Pet-centric businesses can display compassion and strengthen their relationships with their clients by sending thoughtful pet sympathy gifts. By giving consolation to bereaved pet parents, this gesture of kindness stimulates positive word-of-mouth marketing and nurtures a faithful clientele. In addition, these gifts can serve as a reminder of your business’s support and care, potentially increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

More Than Just Sympathy Gifts

We have thoughtful and unique customer pet sympathy gifts and customer pet memorial gifts. Let us assist you in determining the best way to provide comfort and create a lasting memory for a grieving pet owner. While we specialize in providing comfort during times of loss, we also offer many gift options to celebrate the joys of pet ownership. We have the ideal gifts for pet birthdays, wedding announcements, baby announcements, and other significant occasions in a pet’s life.

Selecting the Perfect Pet Sympathy Gift

When selecting a pet sympathy gift, consider the recipient’s personality and their relationship with their pet. There is something for everyone in our large selection of products. Your gift will demonstrate your concern during this difficult period, regardless of whether you go with a DIY garden kit that permits a personalized touch, like incorporating a small portion of a pet’s cremated remains into the soil matrix as the seed wafers are crafted.


One of the toughest situation a pet owner can go through is losing a pet. Customer pet sympathy gifts and customer pet memorial gifts that are appropriate for the situation can offer consolation and a way to remember the unique bond that was shared with a cherished pet. Pet Perennials provide heartfelt and enduring memorials that aid in preserving a cherished pet’s memory.