Golden Triangle Tour with Kids and Family

Welcome on a journey through India’s famous Golden Triangle with your family can be an exciting and educational experience for both kids and adults. This well-known tourist route includes the busy capital city of Delhi, the historic city of Agra, and the lively pink city of Jaipur. With plenty of activities and attractions suitable for families, the Golden Triangle Tour packages provide a perfect mix of cultural immersion, historical exploration, and enjoyable experiences for children.

Golden Triangle Tour Packages

Introduction to the Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour packages are renowned for providing a comprehensive glimpse into India’s rich heritage, cultural diversity, and architectural marvels. This tour typically covers Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, each city offering unique attractions that cater to all ages. When traveling with kids, it’s essential to plan activities that keep them engaged and excited. This blog aims to guide you through the top family-friendly activities and tips for a memorable Golden Triangle adventure.

Delhi: A City of Contrasts

Delhi, the starting point of the Golden Triangle Tour, is a city that juxtaposes ancient monuments with modern marvels. For families traveling with kids, Delhi offers a plethora of attractions that are both educational and entertaining.

1. Red Fort and India Gate

Kickstart your journey with a visit to the Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort’s vast courtyards and intricate architecture will captivate children’s imaginations. Following this, a visit to India Gate is a must. The expansive lawns surrounding the war memorial are perfect for a picnic and a game of frisbee.

Activities at the Red Fort:
  • Exploring the Fort: Children can explore the various sections of the fort, including Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audience), and the royal apartments.
  • Light and Sound Show: In the evening, the fort hosts a spectacular light and sound show that narrates the history of the Mughal Empire, making it an engaging experience for kids.
Activities at India Gate:
  • Picnic and Play: The lush green lawns are ideal for family picnics. Bring along a frisbee or a ball for the kids to play.
  • Evening Strolls: The area around India Gate is beautifully lit in the evening, making it a great spot for a leisurely stroll.


2. National Science Centre

The National Science Centre in Delhi is an excellent destination for curious minds. With interactive exhibits and engaging displays, children can learn about various scientific principles while having fun. The center’s hands-on approach to science makes it a hit among kids of all ages.

3. Nehru Planetarium

For budding astronomers, the Nehru Planetarium offers a chance to explore the mysteries of the universe. The planetarium’s shows are designed to educate and entertain, making complex astronomical concepts accessible to young audiences.

Activities at Nehru Planetarium:
  • Astronomy Shows: The planetarium offers several shows that cover various topics related to space and astronomy. The shows use state-of-the-art technology to create an immersive experience.
  • Interactive Exhibits: The planetarium has interactive exhibits that allow children to learn about the solar system, stars, and galaxies.

4. Delhi Zoo

Located near the Purana Qila, Delhi Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, making it a fantastic outing for families. Kids will enjoy spotting lions, tigers, elephants, and many other species in their naturalistic enclosures.

Highlights of Delhi Zoo:
  • Large Enclosures: The zoo has spacious enclosures that closely mimic the natural habitats of the animals, providing an enriching experience for visitors.
  • Educational Programs: The zoo often conducts educational programs and guided tours that teach children about wildlife conservation and animal behavior.


5. Dilli Haat

For a dose of culture and shopping, head to Dilli Haat. This open-air market showcases traditional handicrafts, textiles, and cuisines from different states of India. Children can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and parents can pick up souvenirs to remember the trip.

Activities at Dilli Haat:
  • Shopping: Browse through stalls selling everything from handmade jewelry to traditional Indian clothing and home décor items.
  • Food Stalls: Sample a variety of regional cuisines from across India. The food stalls offer everything from spicy chaats to sweet desserts.
  • Cultural Performances: Dilli Haat often hosts cultural performances, including music and dance shows, providing entertainment for the whole family.


Agra: The City of the Taj

Agra, the second destination on the Golden Triangle Tour, is synonymous with the iconic Taj Mahal. However, there’s more to Agra than just the Taj. Here are some family-friendly activities to enjoy in Agra.

1. Taj Mahal

No visit to Agra is complete without seeing the Taj Mahal. This stunning monument of love is sure to leave a lasting impression on children. Early morning visits are recommended to avoid crowds and the midday heat. Don’t forget to capture family photos with this magnificent backdrop.

Activities at the Taj Mahal:
  • Guided Tours: Consider hiring a guide to explain the fascinating history and architecture of the Taj Mahal. Stories about its construction and the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal can captivate children.
  • Photography: The Taj Mahal offers numerous photo opportunities. Encourage your children to take their own photos, which can be a fun way to engage them in the visit.
  • Garden Exploration: The lush gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal are perfect for a leisurely stroll. Kids can enjoy the open spaces while learning about Mughal garden design.


2. Agra Fort

Agra Fort, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a fascinating glimpse into India’s Mughal history. The fort’s massive walls, intricate carvings, and panoramic views of the Taj Mahal from its premises make it an exciting place for kids to explore.

Highlights of Agra Fort:
  • Exploration: Children can explore the various sections of the fort, including the Jahangir Palace, Khas Mahal, and Diwan-i-Aam. The fort’s layout and architecture provide plenty of opportunities for adventure and discovery.
  • Views of the Taj Mahal: From certain vantage points within the fort, you can see the Taj Mahal in the distance. This perspective helps children understand the strategic importance of the fort’s location.
  • Interactive History: Engaging children with stories about the Mughal emperors who lived in the fort can make history come alive for them.

3. Mehtab Bagh

For a different perspective of the Taj Mahal, visit Mehtab Bagh, a garden complex located on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River. The serene environment and unobstructed views of the Taj make it an ideal spot for a family picnic.

Activities at Mehtab Bagh:
  • Picnicking: Pack a picnic and enjoy a relaxing day in the gardens while admiring the view of the Taj Mahal.
  • Photography: The view of the Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh is especially beautiful during sunset. Capture the changing colors of the monument as the sun sets behind it.
  • Nature Walks: The gardens are well-maintained and offer a pleasant environment for a leisurely walk.

4. Fatehpur Sikri

A short drive from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri is a well-preserved ghost city that once served as the Mughal capital. The city’s palaces, mosques, and courtyards provide ample space for children to roam and imagine life during the Mughal era.

Highlights of Fatehpur Sikri:
  • Historical Exploration: Children can explore various structures within the city, including the Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal, and Jama Masjid. Each building has its own unique story and architectural features.
  • Guided Tours: Hiring a guide can help make the visit more informative and engaging. Guides can share interesting anecdotes about the city’s history and its importance during the Mughal era.
  • Photography: The red sandstone buildings of Fatehpur Sikri provide a stunning backdrop for family photos.

5. Wildlife SOS Elephant and Bear Sanctuary

Located near Agra, the Wildlife SOS Sanctuary is a haven for rescued elephants and bears. Families can learn about wildlife conservation efforts and interact with the animals in a safe and educational setting.

Activities at Wildlife SOS:
  • Educational Tours: The sanctuary offers guided tours that teach visitors about the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants and bears. Children can learn about the importance of wildlife conservation and the challenges faced by these animals.
  • Elephant Walks: Participate in a walk with the elephants and observe their natural behaviors. This hands-on experience can be both educational and enjoyable for children.
  • Interactive Learning: The sanctuary provides interactive displays and educational materials that help children understand the issues surrounding wildlife protection.

Jaipur: The Pink City

Jaipur, the final destination of the Golden Triangle Tour, is known for its vibrant culture, historic palaces, and colorful bazaars. It offers a plethora of activities that can captivate both kids and adults alike. Here are some family-friendly activities to enjoy in Jaipur.

1. Amber Fort

Start your Jaipur adventure with a visit to Amber Fort. The fort’s majestic architecture, mirror work, and elephant rides up to the entrance make it a thrilling experience for kids. The fort’s light and sound show in the evening narrates its history in an engaging manner.

Activities at Amber Fort:
  • Elephant Ride: One of the most popular activities is taking an elephant ride up to the fort’s entrance. Kids will love this unique experience.
  • Exploring the Fort: Wander through the fort’s various sections, including the Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors), Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), and the beautiful gardens.
  • Sound and Light Show: In the evening, the fort hosts a spectacular sound and light show that narrates the history of Jaipur, providing an engaging way for kids to learn about the past.

2. City Palace

The City Palace complex in the heart of Jaipur is a treasure trove of art and history. The palace’s museums display royal artifacts, weapons, and costumes, giving children a glimpse into the lives of Jaipur’s erstwhile rulers.

Highlights of the City Palace:
  • Mubarak Mahal: This palace now houses a museum displaying royal costumes and textiles. The intricate designs and rich history will fascinate children.
  • Chandra Mahal: Part of the palace is still used by the royal family, but some sections are open to the public. The beautifully decorated rooms and artifacts offer a glimpse into royal life.
  • Diwan-i-Khas: This hall is adorned with chandeliers and royal portraits, and it’s a great spot for family photos.

3. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory built by Maharaja Jai Singh II, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The massive instruments used to study celestial bodies are sure to fascinate young minds.

Activities at Jantar Mantar:
  • Interactive Learning: The observatory’s instruments are fascinating to observe and learn about. Children can see how these ancient tools were used to measure time, track stars, and predict eclipses.
  • Guided Tours: Consider hiring a guide to explain the complex workings of the instruments and the scientific principles behind them.

4. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, is one of Jaipur’s most iconic landmarks. Its unique honeycomb structure with numerous windows was designed to allow royal ladies to observe street festivities without being seen.

Activities at Hawa Mahal:
  • Exploring the Palace: Kids will enjoy exploring the many windows and small passages of the palace. The view from the top provides a great perspective of the city.
  • Photography: The intricate facade of Hawa Mahal is perfect for family photos. Encourage children to take their own pictures of this architectural marvel.

5. Jaipur Zoo

Jaipur Zoo, located within Ram Niwas Garden, houses a variety of animals and birds. Nearby, the Albert Hall Museum showcases an impressive collection of artifacts, including toys, dolls, and musical instruments that will capture the interest of children.


Highlights of Jaipur Zoo:
  • Animal Enclosures: Kids can see a variety of animals, including tigers, leopards, deer, and a range of bird species.
  • Educational Programs: The zoo often conducts educational programs and activities focused on wildlife conservation.

Health and Safety Tips

Ensuring the health and safety of your family is paramount while traveling. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe and healthy during your Golden Triangle Tour.

1. Health Precautions

Make sure your children are up-to-date on vaccinations and carry any necessary medications. Pack hand sanitizers and wipes to maintain hygiene, especially before meals.

2. Food and Water Safety

Avoid street food vendors that do not follow proper hygiene practices. Drink bottled water and ensure that it’s sealed. Choose restaurants and eateries that are clean and recommended by trusted sources.

3. Sun Protection

The Indian sun can be harsh, so protect your family with sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Dress your children in light, breathable clothing to keep them comfortable.

4. Staying Connected

Ensure that your mobile phone is charged and has a local SIM card for easy communication. Carry a list of emergency contacts, including your hotel’s phone number and the local embassy or consulate.

5. First-Aid Kit

A small first-aid kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any specific medications your family might need is essential. Familiarize yourself with the location of nearby hospitals or clinics in case of emergencies.

Packages by SRM

Here are SRM’s top 07 Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour packages-

Quick 2 Days Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Package

Tour Inclusions:

  • Sedan & SUV cabs with the driver.
  • Full day sightseeing tours &,
  • Tour guide (available on demand)
  • You can book your hotel directly, or tell our team to suggest good hotels.

Day -1: Delhi to Agra to Jaipur Drive

Upon arrival in Delhi, our driver will pick you up from your hotel, the airport, or the railway station.

  • Depart from Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway or Taj Expressway, a 6-lane access-controlled expressway that ensures a smooth and bump-free journey & will take 4 hours to reach Agra.

Enjoy a 2-hour guided tour of the iconic Taj Mahal.

  • We will take a short break at a coffee shop or restaurant to rest before continuing to our next destination

Explore the historic Agra Fort with a 1-hour guided tour.

  • Plan to have lunch at a restaurant of your choice for your convenience.
  • After lunch, embark on a 1.5-hour drive to the heritage fort Fatehpur Sikri.

Enjoy a 1-2 hour guided tour of Fatehpur Sikri.

  • In the evening, around 4 p.m., depart for Jaipur which is 4 hours drive, reaching the city around 9-10 p.m.
  • Upon arrival in Jaipur, our driver will drop you off at your hotel, where you can relax and enjoy an overnight stay.

Day -2: Full Day Jaipur City Tour

Today, after breakfast Checkout From Jaipur Hotel, You will be exploring the famous tourist sights of Jaipur

Visit to The Grandeur Amber Fort

  • Enjoy the beautiful architecture and historical significance

Explore Majestic City Palace

  • Learn about the rich history and culture of the region

Capture stunning photographs at Jal Mahal

  • Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the water palace

Visit the Iconic Birla Temple Tour

  •  Explore the temple’s intricate architecture and serene surroundings

Tour the renowned Albert Hall Museum

  • Discover the diverse collection of art and artifacts

Experience the beauty of Hawa Mahal

  •  Admire the unique architecture of a five-story building decorated with 953 windows in a honeycomb shape

In the afternoon, specifically from 3 pm to 4 pm, departure for Delhi, a 5-hour drive, is scheduled. This option is particularly appropriate for individuals with plans to catch a flight or train from Delhi to their respective hometowns.


You can also take a last drop off at Jaipur Airport & Railway Station, which is connected with all cities in India. It will help you to utilize more hours on Jaipur Tour.

Budget Package

Cab with 2 ☆ Hotel

  • Rs 21,500 for a group of 2 pax
  • Rs 23,000 for a group of 3 pax
  • Rs 26,000 for a group of 4 pax
  • Rs 31,000 for a group of 5 pax
  • Rs 34,000 for a group of 6 pax

Deluxe Package

Cab with 3 ☆ Hotel

  • Rs 23,500 for a group of 2 pax
  • Rs 26,000 for a group of 3 pax
  • Rs 33,500 for a group of 4 pax
  • Rs 37,000 for a group of 5 pax
  • Rs 39,500 for a group of 6 pax

Superior Package

Cab with 4 ☆ Hotel

  • Rs 24,500 for a group of 2 pax
  • Rs 27,000 for a group of 3 pax
  • Rs 30,00 for a group of 4 pax
  • Rs 38,500 for a group of 5 pax
  • Rs 42,000 for a group of 6 pax

Premium Package

Cab with 5 ☆ Hotel

  • Rs 33,500 for a group of 2 pax
  • Rs 38,000 for a group of 3 pax
  • Rs 48,000 for a group of 4 pax
  • Rs 57,500 for a group of 5 pax
  • Rs 68,000 for a group of 6 pax

Cab Only Package

  • AC Sedan (4+1) Seater Car                  –      INR 18,500
  • AC Maruti Ertiga (7+1) Seater Car       –      INR 22,000
  • AC Innova Crysta (6+1) Seater Car      –      INR 26,500
  • AC Tempo Traveler (9 to 16) Seater        –      INR 37,500


You can visit to our more packages by clicking on the link-

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Family Adventure

  The Golden Triangle Tour packages with your family promises an unforgettable adventure filled with historical wonders, cultural discoveries, and fun activities for kids. From exploring the bustling streets of Delhi, marveling at the Taj Mahal in Agra, to experiencing the royal charm of Jaipur, this journey offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

When planning your trip, consider opting for Delhi Agra Tour Jaipur Packages that cater specifically to families, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, the Golden Triangle Tour packages from Delhi provide something for everyone.

For an exceptional and well-organized family tour, SRM Holidays offers customized Golden Triangle Tour packages that cater to the needs of families, ensuring a memorable and stress-free vacation. With SRM Holidays, you can rest assured that every detail of your trip will be taken care of, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Come on this incredible journey and introduce your children to the wonders of India’s Golden Triangle. Happy travels!



1. What is the Golden Triangle Tour in India?

The Golden Triangle Tour is a popular tourist circuit that includes the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It is named for the triangular shape formed by these locations on a map. This tour showcases India’s rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and architectural marvels.

2. Is the Golden Triangle Tour suitable for families with children?

Yes, the Golden Triangle Tour is very family-friendly. Each city offers a variety of activities and attractions that cater to children, such as interactive museums, historical monuments, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

3. What are some must-visit attractions in Delhi for families?

In Delhi, families should visit the Red Fort, India Gate, National Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, Delhi Zoo, Dilli Haat, Qutub Minar, Lodhi Gardens, Kingdom of Dreams, and Adventure Island for a mix of historical, educational, and fun experiences.

4. How can we make a visit to the Taj Mahal enjoyable for kids?

To make the visit enjoyable, consider visiting the Taj Mahal early in the morning to avoid crowds. Engage a guide to share interesting stories about the monument’s history, and encourage kids to take photos. The gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal are also great for a leisurely stroll.

5. What are some child-friendly activities in Jaipur?

In Jaipur, children will enjoy exploring Amber Fort, riding elephants, visiting the City Palace, learning at Jantar Mantar, and taking photos at Hawa Mahal. The Jaipur Zoo and Albert Hall Museum also offer engaging experiences for kids.

6. Are there any special tips for traveling with kids on the Golden Triangle Tour?

Yes, plan your itinerary in advance, stay hydrated, pack essentials like snacks and sunscreen, choose family-friendly accommodations, and engage your kids by sharing interesting facts and stories about the places you visit.

7. How can we ensure the trip is educational for our children?

To make the trip educational, visit museums, historical sites, and interactive exhibits. Hiring guides at major attractions can provide valuable insights and stories that bring history and culture to life for children.

8. What should we pack for a family trip on the Golden Triangle Tour?

Pack comfortable clothing, hats, sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, a first-aid kit, any necessary medications, and entertainment for the kids during travel. Comfortable walking shoes are also essential.

9. How can we keep our children entertained during long drives between cities?

Bring along travel games, books, tablets with educational apps and movies, and snacks. Plan rest stops to let kids stretch and explore. Audio guides or storytelling apps about the destinations can also keep them engaged.

10. Which tour packages are recommended for families on the Golden Triangle Tour?

Look for tour packages that cater specifically to families, such as those offered by SRM Holidays. These packages often include family-friendly accommodations, guided tours, and a balanced itinerary that keeps both adults and children in mind.