Guide to proper living room furniture Australia placement

New house decoration, furniture can enter, many people are at will according to their own preferences to place furniture, in fact, in a specific space to play the role of furniture to the extreme, which is very particular. Today we are going to talk about how to place furniture in the living room.
1, a single chair should not be placed on the left side
▲ Horizontal space furniture configuration: (1) A single chair can be placed on the left and right sides, but if the left side is the entrance of the door, it is recommended not to place a single chair; (2) The depth of the sofa is recommended within 85-2375px, and the aisle width of the sofa and coffee table, coffee table and TV cabinet is best above 1500px. (3) The vertical depth of the horizontal space is short, it is appropriate to choose a rectangular coffee table, the coffee table should not be too large, the distance from the sofa is best about 625px, if necessary, you can choose a side table instead of a coffee table, and then use a “one” font sofa with a recliner or two single chairs.

2. Coffee table with wheels is easy to move
▲ Straight space furniture configuration: (1) Coffee table can choose a style with wheels, easy to move can also be used as a foot chair; (2) The sofa and the single chair should not be placed at the entrance, the small single chair may be placed near the moving line, if the space can accommodate the concubine, it can be placed in the window, with two or three sofa (keep about 750px distance); (3) Do not place the TV cabinet in the place where the backlight and the moving line pass by.

3, coffee table and sofa can be placed in a triangular way
▲ Square space furniture configuration: (1) Single chair placement as long as it does not block the moving line, and single sofa, sofa can be placed in accordance with the triangular way, single chair, single sofa and even across the living room space of the frame line is not important, can expand the living room space; (2) The sofa can choose the “L” type, especially the owner of the household who intends to put the TV and the sofa face to face or diagonally, which is a good choice, and the family members consider 321 sofa; (3) Coffee table is recommended to choose more than 90*2250px style.

4. Choose a sofa that can be freely combined
▲ Irregular space furniture configuration: (1) The sofa is best to choose a style that can be freely arranged, if the irregular is a long flat space, you can consider the “L” type sofa or two sofa collocation; (2) It is not necessary to use a single chair, if necessary, you can pull out the combined sofa as a single chair, and you can make full use of the side cabinet/single chair in the internal recess of the ternary space; (3) Irregular space is more suitable for long coffee tables.