Hero Glamour Xtec
Hero Glamour Xtec

Hero Glamour Xtec Price

The bike comes in two different types: the Glamour Xtec Drum Brake, which costs Rs. 87,748, and the Glamour Xtec Disc Brake, which costs Rs. 92,348. These prices are for when you buy the bike from the showroom in Delhi.


You can choose from four different colors for both types: Metallic Nexus Blue, Black, Candy Blazing Red, and Grey Blue Stripe.

Hero Glamour Xtec Features

The Hero Glamour Xtec is a bike that’s easier and safer to use than the regular model. It comes with cool tech stuff that makes riding more convenient and safe.


For starters, it has a fancy digital screen that shows all the usual stuff like how fast you’re going and how far you’ve traveled. But it also tells you how many miles per gallon your bike is getting in real-time! Plus, you can connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, so you’ll know if someone’s calling or texting you while you’re riding.


But wait, there’s more! It even helps you find your way with turn-by-turn directions on the screen. And at night, you’ll have no trouble seeing because it has a bright LED headlight.


Need to charge your phone on the go? No problem! There’s a USB port right there on the bike.


And here’s the kicker: it has some safety features that are really neat. If your bike tips over, it automatically shuts off the engine to keep you safe. Plus, it won’t start if the side stand is down, so you won’t accidentally ride off with it still down. Cool, right?

Hero Glamour Xtec Engine Specifications

The Hero Glamour Xtec bike has a new engine that’s better for the environment. It’s a 124.7cc engine that’s cooled by air and uses fuel injection. This engine makes 10.84 horsepower at 7500 rotations per minute (rpm) and 10.7 Newton-meters of torque at 6000 rpm. It comes with a 5-speed gearbox to help you ride smoothly.


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