Hero Super Splendor
Hero Super Splendor

Hero Super Splendor Price

The Hero Super Splendor offers different options to suit varying preferences and needs. The standard model is priced at Rs 80,848, providing a reliable choice for everyday use. For those prioritizing enhanced braking performance, there’s the front disc variant available at Rs 84,748. If additional features are desired, customers can opt for the Xtec drum variant, which comes at Rs 84,428. For a more premium experience, the front disc version with extra features is priced at Rs 88,328. These prices are for purchasing directly from the showroom in Delhi, ensuring clarity for potential buyers.

Hero Super Splendor Features

The Hero Super Splendor is a typical commuter bike that many people use for everyday travel. It looks pretty standard, but Hero has made it look a bit better by adding some new stickers and offering a few different colors to choose from.


This bike has a halogen headlight, turn signals, and a back light. The dashboard, where you can see important information about your ride, has a big speedometer in the middle that works like a clock with hands, and on the right side, there’s a small screen that shows things like how much fuel you have left, how far you’ve ridden, and how fast you’re going. There are also little lights that turn on to let you know things like if your bike is parked on its side stand.


Something cool about this bike is that it has something called i3S, which stands for idle stop start system. Basically, if you’re stuck in traffic and your bike is just sitting there, it automatically turns off to save gas. Then, when you’re ready to go again, all you have to do is pull the lever and the engine starts back up. Plus, there’s even a USB port near the dashboard where you can plug in your phone or other devices.

Hero Super Splendor Engine Specifications

The Hero Super Splendor has a small engine that’s cooled by air. It’s a single cylinder and it can make 11 horsepower and 10.6 Newton-meters of twisting force. This bike uses a 5-speed gearbox to transfer power.


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