Hero Xtreme 125R
Hero Xtreme 125R

Hero Xtreme 125R Features

The Hero Xtreme 125R has some cool features that make it stand out. First off, it’s got full LED lights, including a projector headlight and hazard lights. The dashboard is all digital and easy to read, showing you things like your speed, how much gas you have left, and how far you’ve traveled. Plus, it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to give you alerts for calls and texts. And if you’re stuck at a red light or in traffic, it’s got a handy feature called i3S that saves fuel by turning the engine off when you’re not moving.

Hero Xtreme 125R Engine and Mileage

The Hero Xtreme 125R runs on a brand-new engine that’s air-cooled and has a single cylinder. It’s called SPRINT, which stands for Smooth Power Response and Instant Torque. This engine can make 11.55PS of power at 8250rpm. When you accelerate from 0 to 60kmph, the bike can do it in about 5.9 seconds, according to the company. Also, it’s said to give a mileage of around 66kmpl.

Hero Xtreme 125R Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Xtreme 125R has a strong frame shaped like a diamond. It uses a 37mm telescopic fork at the front and a special monoshock at the back. This monoshock can be adjusted in 7 different ways to suit your comfort. It was made with the help of Showa, a company known for making high-quality suspension systems.


When it comes to braking, the Xtreme 125R doesn’t disappoint. It has a big 276mm disc brake at the front. And it’s the first in its class to have either single-channel ABS or CBS, depending on which model you choose. This helps you stop safely, especially in tricky situations.


The rear tyre of the Xtreme 125R is also worth mentioning. It’s a 120/80 section tyre, which is the widest you’ll find in any 125cc bike that uses air cooling. This means better grip and stability on the road.


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