Eyelash extensions that you can get from an eyelash beauty salon give an extra boost to the eyes and a thickener effect. Such beauty access can make you appear bold, tempting, and beautiful to the eyes of onlookers. In addition to the benefit of eyelash extension, it is essential to maintain it with timely cleaning and aftercare. Therefore, cleaning lashes after every use is crucial for the health and longevity of lash extensions.

Why Clean Lash Extensions?

When you clean lash extensions, then they will be in a position to be reused. It is also crucial to keep your eyes free from bacteria and dirt from previous old lash extensions. The accumulation of bacteria can cause blepharitis, the overgrowth of bacteria on unclean lashes leading to inflammation regarding your eyelids. Bacterial overgrowth can also lead to mite infestation, hence the need for proper cleaning of eyelash extensions.

When to Clean Eyelash Extension?

Wait 48 hours after the adhesion of lash extensions before cleaning in order to let the falsies cure and become waterproof. You should ensure that you clean eyelash extensions at least every other day to eliminate eye makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, as well as an old adhesive and bacteria attached to the lashes. Also, gently wash eyelash extensions daily by using oil-free and natural cleansing products.

How to Clean Lash Extensions?

Proper maintenance of eyelash extensions and even lash lifts in Hong Kong leads to a better life span and maximum usage factors. Thus, follow the step-by-step guide below to clean eyelash extensions:

  • Heal your lashes. It is important to comply with the aftercare instructions. After the first application of your false eyelashes, do not clean them for forty-eight hours. Your lash extensions need some time to set and become waterproof.
  • Wipe off the eye makeup. Apply an oil-free makeup remover like micellar water or foaming cleanser to remove the eye makeup, mascara, and eyeshadows from your lashes.
  • Clean with a lash cleanser. First, wet your lashes and then cleanse the lash extensions by using either a lash extension cleanser or a special shampoo for lashes with a small cleansing brush. Use the lash shampoo to brush against the eyelashes, working from back and forth along the lashes will clear any dirt or makeup that is present.
  • Wash the cleanser. Wash the lash cleaner with warm water.
  • Dry your lashes After that, dry your lash extensions with a paper towel or a hand towel.
  • To apply false lashes, gently brush them out. A clean brush that resembles a mascara wand should be used for brushing out the false eyelashes some more.

Tips on How to Clean Lash Extensions

When cleaning lash extensions, consider the following tips for success. That means that some portfolios will not be presented.

  • Wash with lash shampoo:In the procedure of cleaning, you need to apply a lash extension-specific cleaner such as those resembling washes for eyelashes–unscented and gentle on your eyes. Special lash cleansers are also sources of moisturizing agents that keep your extensions soft.
  • Do not use baby shampoo:However, some gurus use baby shampoo to remove eyelash extensions. On the contrary, most baby shampoos are scented and cause irritation in your eye areas. The sulfates and oils in the baby shampoo can also cause a breakdown of the adhesive bond present on your falsies.
  • Stay gentle: Easy and gentle movements with washing the lashes should be applied to not cause unwanted consequences like losing them. Pat your eyelashes while removing makeup and drying.


In conclusion, cleaning eyelash extensions removes excessive dirt, pollen, and other harmful particles. Just follow the essential eyelash extension cleaning tips to maintain the outlook and increase the usage factor of extensions.