How to start a clothing business with buying wholesale? Choose a niche, then study the industry, and create a business plan. Of course, buying wholesale, the business stands to benefit.

The fashion wholesale clothing market is expected to hit more than $800 billion by 2025. Besides, it may go up to $1.5 trillion by 2027. With this kind of a trend in the global e-commerce market, there is no better time than to invest in this marketplace.

The fashion clothing wholesale business can be somewhat tricky for those who are new to this industry. But, it is doable. The management needs to ensure that they purchase the clothing from reputed manufacturers in large quantities.

Then they need to sell them to the masses or even retailers at decent profits. It is as simple as that. This comprehensive guide discusses how to make money through wholesale clothing business.

How To Start A Clothing Business With Buying Wholesale?

Below are some of the pointers that are required to start a wholesale clothing business with buying wholesale.

Identify A Niche In The Market

It is important to identify a niche in the market. There are many niches that can be selected including, women’s fashion, men’s apparel, children’s clothes. Moreover, there is clothing like sportswear or formal wear.

Understanding the target market, helps come up with a product line that appeals to the audience. This lays the foundation for a successful business. A thorough market research has to be done along with competitor analysis, and customer assessment.

Moreover, it is vital to choose a niche that has a large appeal, so that it makes ample room for future growth.

Have A Solid Business Plan

Most of the businesses in this segment fail to see the light of day because of a lack of a solid business plan. Planning is a crucial element in the clothing business market. It is best to have a business plan.

It is the guide and reference throughout the business. A market research conducted by Harvard Business Review, highlights the fact that businesses with a formal business plan can succeed more than firms without a proper plan.

Here are some solid business plans that can be implemented.

Have an executive summary, where the business concept, goals, and target market are explicitly written down. Besides, the funding required, number of team players, and marketing strategy are also clearly mentioned.

Have an idea on the online store. The business model, legal structure, mission, values, and the industry long-term objectives have to be sorted out.

The market has to be researched. It is important that the management understands & knows about the market well. This way, they are aware of the pitfalls if any. There is ample information on the internet, government data also can be used on the latest industry trends.

Know the management team and structure of the organization. These need to be known with the help of charts to define responsibilities, reporting relationships, and roles.

The business also needs to know the manufacturers and merchant wholesalers they wish to partner with.

The target audience also should be known.

Moreover, the marketing plan has to be in action as well.

The operation structure like facilities, suppliers, production, equipment, and shipping prices need to be found out as well.

The firm has to create financial statements that project their income. It must cover the liabilities, expenses, assets, and cash flow.

Find Reputed Clothing Suppliers

The main challenge for any clothing business is finding the right kind of clothing suppliers. The supplier’s quality determines the success in the fashion industry. Hence, invest quality time into choosing the best suppliers.

There are several online businesses and retailers that verify the nature of the suppliers, who manufacture quality products. This is when they can learn about the company profile, foreign trade expertise, main products, after-sales support, and more.

But, they need to also review the businesses that they want to collaborate with. The best way to do that would be narrowing to a list of a handful of supplies. Then contact them about the business proposal.

If the business goals align, then a partnership can be formed. However, when the particular supplier might face challenges shipping to the location due to logistics, and other compliance issues, then it would be better to look elsewhere.

Knowing these issues before signing on the dotted lines, can save a lot of headaches in the future. Besides, the pricing of the clothing is also vital. Ensure that the supplier offers competitive pricing with flexible payment options.


Starting a clothing business with buying wholesale does not have to be that complicated. This is provided, the entrepreneur knows some of the critical pointers that have been discussed above. Remember, to do all the necessary research work, and set aside time for the marketing strategies as well.

These factors are very important for starting a clothing business.