First and foremost is making sure their teenager has all of the knowledge and skills they need to pass their driving exams safely.

Reserving classes at a professional driving school in Reston VA is the first and most vital step in taking driving classes, so before making this vital decision, let’s review some of the most frequently asked questions and see if their answers can assist in making your decision easier.

What Does It Cost? 

Our courses for adults and teenagers vary widely in cost; starting by looking at your local driving school in Woodbridge VA. However, what should it cost? As is often true in life, when learning how to drive you may get what you pay for; opt for high quality programs over bargain basement ones which will increase your chance of passing tests quickly while saving both time and money over the long term.

What are the Requirements to Complete the Program? 

Students must complete all classes and drives within 120 days from their start date in order to successfully complete this course, otherwise retaking may be required. Successful completion includes 34 hours of classroom instruction, at least 5 one-hour behind-the-wheel sessions, as well as 1 one-hour observation sessions.

What is your Pass Rate?

Students often inquire about our pass rates to assess whether classes are effective and/or easy. While we understand this interest in numbers can be compelling, our primary goal at Infiniti Driving School in Ashburn VA is focusing on creating safe drivers as soon as possible – feel free to get in touch directly for more details!

What are the Options if My New Driver Fails to Pass? 

Our goal is to equip new drivers with all of the skills and experience they need to successfully complete our program and pass their driving test. However, should any individual not meet their goal by the allotted deadline or score requirements in time or score requirement criteria then they may have to retake our course prior to taking driving tests again.

Do I Need a  Permit Before Starting Driving School in Fairfax Station

Partially yes. As our course includes behind-the-wheel training, it is best to obtain your permit at least 10 days prior to the starting teen driving school classes; however, you may start without it but must present it by your third class and every scheduled or practice drive.

Why Is It Necessary to Engage Professional Instructors? 

Parents play an integral part in teaching their teens how to drive safely on the open road, but preparation should also include professional instructors with experience working with teenagers who could save their lives behind the wheel. Teenagers tend to tune out parental advice; working with an instructor who has expertise working with teens may have more of an effective learning process for your teen.

What Makes for an Excellent Instructor? 

They make the material engaging while imparting important lessons about being defensive drivers and the consequences for being negligent behind the wheel. An instructor with experience must present this material so it can easily be consumed and retained by students, while also making them feel at ease when driving behind the wheel.

How Flexible Are Schedules? 

Each student must spend a certain amount of time attending class and driving practice. There may be some flexibility in scheduling to accommodate every student’s busy lifestyles; however, as previously discussed, if their schedule goes over too far they may be asked to start over from scratch.

How Can you Stay Involved? 

Parents make excellent coaches for their child when practicing driving skills – we have instructors on hand who can give helpful tips about the best ways to mentor your teen in driving lessons! If you need guidance with coaching your kid on this important endeavor, give us a call and our instructors will gladly offer suggestions.

Preparing for Driving School in Woodbridge VA

Acquiring your license can be an exciting journey. While getting ready is no small matter, we want you to feel as prepared as possible for all the fun and responsibility associated with getting one. Please explore these questions and answers, and feel free to reach out if any other inquiries arise – don’t forget our team is always on standby should any more need be raised!