Soon we’ll be out of the woods, which must have homeowners around the country gearing up for fairer shores and warmer weather.

On that note, there are lots of different spring decor ideas out there. All you need are some creative elements and a bit of inspiration.

See if you can put any of these into practice this spring!

● Bunny accents: Nothing says spring like a bunny accent, and there are plenty of ways to work this motif into your home. It could be a sign, a wooden silhouette, a plush, a pillow sporting a rabbit motif, or even a little resin or wooden rabbit figurine. As for the latter, they’re great for countertops, shelves, mantels, tabletops, and even desk accents.

●Birdhouses/birdhouse accents and ornaments: Birdhouses, like bunnies, bespeak spring, and the vibrant, vivacious songbird melodies that come with it. You can bring little birdhouse accents into your home, too, they’re not just for the outdoors. They make nice bathroom and office accents, and can be used in vestibules, too.

● Spring-themed ribbon: Spring-themed ribbon gives you a thousand and one options to get creative with your spring decor ambitions. You can use ribbon to decorate banisters, pedestals, columns, and of course, spring greenery. You can also use ribbon to accent light fixtures and to wrap the bases of centerpieces. White and light pastels make excellent spring colors; burlap ribbon is a good choice, too.

● Spring greenery and wreaths: Greenery and wreaths aren’t just for Christmastime, they’re great in the spring, too, when everyone is looking forward to pops of verdure. Hang a light green wreath in a window or pop a green spring spray in an empty watering can and use that as a centerpiece – these are just some of the creative ways to use greenery to decorate in the spring!

● Accent rings: Accent rings, which are often made with twigs, greenery, and florals, are like wreaths but smaller. These can be used to create centerpieces. You can put a candle, a decorative pillar, a small spring-themed figurine, or even a pot or watering can in the middle.

● Artificial flowers: Artificial flowers, like tulips, daffodils, and lilacs all scream spring, and the best part is, they never fade! Use them to add pops of color to your other spring greenery or get creative by accenting empty vases and vessels with them.

● Pots and watering cans: Pots and watering cans are natural spring decor essentials, likely because they produce a subconscious impression that it’s time to get the garden ready for sowing. Nearly any empty can or pot (white, blue, and pastel colors are best here) can be used as a bit of spring decor, but you can get creative with it by further accessorizing them with artificial spring greenery or flowers, or even a bit of burlap ribbon.

● Egg ornaments: Egg ornaments, like bunny accents, are natural spring decorations. Place them in baskets, in pots, or use them right on shelves, ledges, or as desk ornaments.

● Tin Easter signs: Tin Easter signs are great for adding a little spring cheer to the walls of your home, and can be used basically anywhere – offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud rooms, and especially living rooms and family rooms. Plus, they’re usually very affordable.

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