With simple yet captivating gameplay, the Andar Bahar game is loved by many online casino enthusiasts. When you understand the gameplay, it looks easy to win the game, however, to win often, the game must have high odds. In this blog, we’ll help you make an informed decision about whether the Andar Bahar game offers high odds of winning. So sit tight and get ready to gain some insights.

We will delve into the world of Andar Bahar, exploring the game’s mechanics, strategies, and odds to determine whether it is indeed a game that offers favorable winning chances. From understanding the rules of Andar Bahar to examining the potential for success in this real money game, we will provide you with valuable insights to help you decide if Andar Bahar is the right choice for your gaming experience.

What is Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian card game that is easy to understand and play. The game involves a single deck of cards, with one card being drawn as the ‘joker’ to determine the game’s outcome. Players place bets on either the ‘Andar’ (inside) or ‘Bahar’ (outside) positions, predicting where the joker card will appear. If the joker card lands on the selected side, the player wins the round.

How to Play Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar is an engaging game hosted by a live dealer. It starts with a live dealer randomly selecting a card from the deck of 52 cards and putting it face-up in the center of the playing area. This card is known as the “joker” or “trump” card, and it is considered the reference point for that gaming session. Once the dealer selects the joker card, the dealer starts dealing the cards in two stacks; one of them is called “Andar” and the other is called “Bahar.” Before the game starts, players have to predict whether a card with the same rank as the joker card will be placed in the Andar pile or the Bahar pile. The game will continue until a card with the same rank as the Joker appears in either pile.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Andar Bahar Game?

When it comes to the odds of winning in Andar Bahar, it is essential to consider the game’s simplicity and reliance on chance. Unlike skill-based games like poker or blackjack, Andar Bahar is purely based on luck, with no strategy or skill involved in predicting the outcome. This means that the odds of winning in Andar Bahar are purely random, similar to flipping a coin.

In terms of potential winnings, Andar Bahar offers competitive payouts that can entice players looking for high-risk, high-reward gameplay. With real money stakes involved, players can experience the thrill of winning big with each successful prediction in Andar Bahar. However, it is essential to approach the game with caution, as the house edge in Andar Bahar can vary depending on the casino and game variations.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Game?

One popular platform offering Andar Bahar gameplay is Royaljeet, a leading online casino that caters to players seeking a diverse range of real money games. With its user-friendly interface and secure payment options, Royaljeet provides a seamless gaming experience for enthusiasts looking to try their luck at Andar Bahar. By exploring the offerings of Royaljeet, players can access a variety of Andar Bahar game variants, each offering unique features and betting options.

Overall, Andar Bahar can be an entertaining and rewarding game for players who enjoy simple yet engaging gameplay. While the odds of winning in Andar Bahar are based on chance, the potential for profitable payouts and exciting gameplay make it a popular choice among online casino enthusiasts. By understanding the rules, strategies, and odds of Andar Bahar, players can make informed decisions when playing this captivating card game.


In conclusion, Andar Bahar is a game with the potential for high winnings and an element of unpredictability that adds to its allure. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of online casinos, Andar Bahar offers a thrilling gaming experience that can keep you on the edge of your seat. So why not give Andar Bahar a try on Royaljeet and see if luck is on your side?