Prominent Hollywood Publicist Marie Lemelle Embroiled in Controversy Amid Alleged Abuse & Investigations, Platinum Star Media Group Inc. Talent Manager Christina Havis Faces Cahoots Claims – REPORT

Christina Havis (left) and Marie Lemelle under fire for alleged plot against Platinum Star Public Relations, Inc. former client (Photo Marie Lemelle/Facebook)

LOS ANGELES – Two Hollywood talent managers with Platinum Star Media Group Inc. are under fire for off-duty incidents. The two corporate executives are facing blowback for their roles in an alleged intimidation scheme involving a former Platinum Star Public Relations Inc. client.

Marie Lemelle, 65, of Glendale, and Christina Havis, 40, of North Hollywood, were both named in a Los Angeles Superior Court civil case involving a former client of the Platinum Star PR division. Insiders say the two managers allegedly conspired for Lemelle to gain an unfair advantage in the case.

Based on court documents obtained by various outlets, Havis who serves as the vice president of operations at Platinum Star Media Group Inc. was named as the process server in the case. Havis, who is not a registered process server, allegedly participated and was believed to be following Lemelle’s direction, according to sources. 

Lemelle has come under fire for controversial behavior, lying under oath scandal and allegations of bullying and intimidation.

Lemelle has also been accused of abuse of power and egregious misconduct surrounding disturbing details that have emerged from the case. 

According to court transcripts, Lemelle filed a violence restraining order against the former client in Pasadena, California, that stated among other things that the person “exhibited erratic behavior…has exhibited multiple personalities, unstable and delusional disorder.” 

Lemelle’s filing papers that Havis delivered to the person’s attorney further states that “the order is based on unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or stalking.”

A new report alleges that as part of their scheme, Lemelle and Havis deliberately withheld information about the trial to the former client; the court documents were delivered a day before the scheduled court date; and that Lemelle allegedly continued to engage in unethical conduct; checked a court box to falsely portray to the judge that she was the former client in a deceptive tactic to get a continuous; and provided misleading information to the court that falsely portrayed the former client in court documents.

According to court transcripts the judge threw out the case ruling in favor of the former client, in which he disputed all of Lemelle’s claims.

“I don’t see anything here that warrants a restraining order,” the California Superior Court judge said according to court transcripts. The formal ruling handed down by the judge states, “The court finds the party requesting the order of protection did not sustain the applicable burden of proof and accordingly the request is denied.” 

“This judge’s ruling sends a clear message. This is beyond ridiculous. This is dishonest and unprofessional, said a talent managing director who asked to speak anonymously to provide a frank assessment. 

“We will seek to hold accountable corporate executives who value profits over integrity and doing what is proper and ethical,” the person added.

“Unfortunately, some of the people in our industry are not trustworthy. Though we seek to have a unified community of artists who support each other, sometimes trust is broken because people get too high and feel like they are above the law. Such lapses as this sort of mistake can happen to anyone in public life if they don’t remain humble,” the director said in the interview.

The executive said they were working to get the word circulated about Lemelle and Havis, following the judge’s ruling. “I’m going to personally contact SAG-AFTRA, the Writer’s Guild, the Producers Guild, LGBT groups and other people who work closely with talent agencies to let them know,” the individual stated. 

“The alleged behavior by our artistic community will not be tolerated.”

In 2023 Lemelle co-created a concept called The Social Good Movement Tour. She formed the partnership with Kristen Thomasino, the CEO of Thomasino Media LLC and Buddytown Consulting LLC. 

The tour is said to be “inspiring Gen Z for positive change,” according to the creators. “We’re here to empower the next generation,” the concept’s website states.

“How are you going to be out here talking about inspiring and empowering people and oppressing and bullying folks at the same time,” one social media influenwcer asked. “This makes me sick to see people putting on like they really care about other people but caught up in a scandal of BS over some character flaws,” the TikTok influencer stated.

According to The Social Good Movement Tour website, Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA, is a film producer, social change activist, global entrepreneur, visionary, award-inning journalist, and celebrity public relations consultant. She champions her philosophy “Transform Goals to Greatness” through her branding, marketing, and public relations expertise as the CEO and founder of the certified minority woman-owned Platinum Star Public Relations, Inc. 

The site says that Lemelle has spearheaded major red carpet events, golf tournaments, concerts, film festivals, and award shows. Additionally, she has advanced diversity and inclusion for communities through her business, according to the website.

Voyage LA reports that Havis, prior to joining Platinum Star Media Group Inc., worked as the Talent Manager and Director of Development West Coast at Next Level Entertainment Global (NLE). According to the article, Havis worked alongside the owners Kimberly Strouss and Mario Anastasiades to “manage over 80 clients and run offices in LA, NY, New Zealand and the UK.” 

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